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10 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

The video game is the first love of every teenager. There are many platforms to play video games. But do you ever think you can earn money by playing video games?

Yes, you heard it right you can earn money by playing video games on Xoslot. In addition, here we will tell you the efficient ways to earn money by playing video games.

So let’s dive into the discussion.

How You Can Make Money By Playing Video Games?

Here are some simple and efficient ways to make money by playing video games. Have a look

1. Stream Games On Twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform. Here people can watch the live streaming videos of their favorite games and creative content. If you think you can entertain people by the way of communication and playing games.

Then you should switch to the Twitch platform. Here you can make a public profile and stream video games on daily basis. Twitch allows you to make $5 for each subscriber that joins twitch because of you.

Besides that, the following are some ways through which you can generate income on Twitch.

  • Sponsorship deals
  • Run Adds
  • Donations
  • Affiliate Products
  • Tournaments
  • Merchandise

2. Start A Youtube Gaming Channel

Youtube is a large video-sharing platform. In recent years, youtube introduce some amazing features. One of these features is live Streaming. Due to this feature, many gamers start a youtube channel and stream their gaming videos.

If you love to play games then make some profit from it. Stream your videos on youtube and earn money. You can stream videos on daily basis and there is no time limit on these videos.

3. Tournament Gaming

As the name says tournament gaming is the competition of multiple games between players and teams. It is the best way to earn a living. During recent years, e-sports have seen huge growth due to video streaming and more professional players.

If you think you can play games professionally and win then participate in different tournaments and win money.

4. Become A Game Developer

You can also earn by developing multiple games. You can individually develop a game or earn it by uploading it on Google’s play store or Apple store. In addition, you can also join a software house and earn money by developing games there.

5. Write Gaming Articles

Blogging and article writing is other ways to earn money. If you are a content writer then by writing gaming articles you can earn money. But if you do not know about article writing.

Then take a short guide for it and publish simple articles. If you get a good response then switch your genre to gaming.

6. Quality Assurance Tester

Video game development includes a lot of coding and programming. If you are not a professional programmer then you can become a quality assurance tester.

Here you just have to check the quality of the video games by playing them. If you feel any error you can tell the developers and they will fix all errors.

7. Give Game Play Tutorials

New video games are usually difficult to play because they do not about the key, missions, and rules. You can earn money by giving tutorials of the new games to people. You can guide them through live streaming or by uploading a recorded video.

8. Become A Game Tester

Game testing is the higher level of quality assurance. Here the gaming video has met the quality requirements. Now you have to find the mistakes in the game so that developers can correct them before people play the game.

9. Start Video Game Coaching

By teaching people how to play video games you can earn money. To do so you can select Youtube and Twitch as the best platforms.

10. Make A Gaming Website

By running a website you can also make a huge amount of money. Here you can share information about how to play games, download games, and their cheat codes.

You can also share the gaming articles. So that beginners can learn about gaming rules efficiently. In addition, you can use the platforms like WordPress that allow you to make websites easily.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Try these best methods to earn from video games. There are many other ways that you can try but they need time. Therefore, save your time and select efficient ways to make money.

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