4 Fresh Stair Railing Ideas for Modern Homeowners

There’s no getting around the fact that a staircase is one of the most dominating features in a home with two or more levels. With so many eyes attracted to it, you better hope it looks as great as the rest of your home.

Do you have a two-story home with a staircase you’d like to redesign?

You might be wondering how you can elevate its look without too much hassle. Keep reading to learn all about four fresh stair railing ideas for modern homeowners.

1. Glass

If you truly want to make a statement, then a glass stair railing is the way to go. This often involves installing glass as the paneling beneath the railing. However, you can also get something like lucite for a mesmerizing and translucent railing above.

Be sure to check out the options at Far West railings. Talking with a professional can go a long way toward helping to narrow down your options to the one that’s right for you and your needs.

2. Boat Paddles

If you need more modern stair railing ideas, then nothing screams originality more than a railing made from boat paddles.

Since these types of paddles have a very long handle, all you need to do is install them against the wall for people to get their bearings on. This is the perfect style of stair railing for people who are obsessed with nautical adventures of all kinds.

3. Wood

The rustic aesthetic is still going strong in homes across the country. With this in mind, you should consider investing in a wood stair railing.

The wonderful thing about this option is that there are so many different kinds of wood to choose from, including maple, cherrywood, oak, pine, and even mesquite.

There’s something about smooth wood that feels so good on the hands.

4. Metal

Not only are metal stair railings durable, but they can make the staircase pop due to the contrast of materials. Plus, few accents are more modern than fine metal.

If your decorative aesthetic is on the industrial side, then you’ll want to opt for a steel or even iron decorative stair railing. There’s the option of black steel as well.

For people with outdoor stairs, you can match your railing on the inside by getting metal on the outside. Just make sure it’s stainless steel so it can handle the weather.

Ready To Use These Stair Railing Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned all about four fresh stair railing ideas for modern homeowners, you can make sure you pick the one that suits your aesthetic the best. The next time you throw an event, your guests are sure to shower you with compliments about your choice.

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