Phone Charging Mistakes

7 Charging Mistakes That Kill Your Phone Battery

We now live in a world guilt-free where our cellphones have already taken the place of our spouses. We are so dependent on them that we don’t usually realize how much we miss out on, everyday. In order to make phones run smoothly, it is important that you take care of your phone battery. Are you aware that charging your phone constantly and without any care, will shorten your battery’s life? Your battery gets destroyed due to charging errors.

Charging Mistakes That Kill Your Phone Battery

Don’t ruin your Battery

If you are obsessed with charging your phone continuously till 100%, you are simply destroying the battery. According to experts, your battery performans really well when it is charged between 30% and 80%. Even at a 30% charge, your smartphone outperforms. When it comes to battery optimization, the best choice might be to charge it carefully and use a power bank if there are power outages. These measures are to protect your phone’s battery from ruining.

Charging Trap for Phone Cases

Most people buy phone cases only for the purpose of keeping their smartphones safe. However, if you don’t remove it while charging, it could cause more harm than good. When you charge your phone, it generates heat, which affects the battery if you don’t remove the case. As a result, your battery will get overheated and it might ruin your smartphone. You should make it a practise to only use the phone case while the phone is cold. If the battery gets ruined, get it fixed from any nearest cell phone repair shop.

Keep your Mobile Cool

Keeping the mobile phone does not mean that you have to keep it in the fridge! If you notice that your phone is hot, it could be due to heavy use or any other factor. However, If it doesn’t cool down, don’t use it. We all know that when a phone becomes hot, its performance suffers. By taking care of it, you can keep your phone’s battery youthful to extend its life.

Don’t let your Mobile Completely Die

We all know that these days, we are completely immersed in our phones. Many of us charge our phones only when they are absolutely dead. Because the lithium-ion battery is volatile at zero percent, this could have an impact on battery life. This should not be the usual practice. You should avoid and not let your mobile phone completely die. Experts also recommend that for once, you should totally drain the battery for better calibration.

Harm with Wireless Charges

Wireless charging is something that has become a practice. COVID has made the travelling less but before that we were all used to travelling frequently. Due to traveling frequently, we also started using the mobile phone cases and wireless chargers frequently. All of this adds to the mobile’s heat. So, if you’re not actually in need of them, don’t use them too much.

Use the Right Charger

By using the right charger, it is implied that you should use the charger that comes with your phone. These chargers are intended to prevent overcharging. When the battery is completely charged, they are also effective in reducing power flow. However, there are concerns about your phone getting overcharged when you are using alternative chargers. This can shorten the battery’s lifespan.

Never Neglect the Backup Mobile

If you have bought a new smartphone and are happy with your new mobile then you are probably just using the old for the sake of backup. In case of this, you should still ensure to leave it charged. If the battery gets completely drained out, it might get into a deep discharge state. In these times, you can use the phone only when it is plugged in.

All these mentioned above are some simple mistakes which we can avoid while charging the mobile every day.


In Conclusion, charging mistakes are very common and people do not realize this. These mistakes can severely harm your mobile phone. So all the above mentioned mistakes should be avoided as much as you can. Otherwise you will end up damaging your smartphone.

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