Aerial Cinematography: How Can It Help You Make a Film or Advertisement?

In the TV and film industries, aerial shots are very common these days because they contribute a lot to impressive cinematography. The view from the top can present a fantastic picture to the viewers, and for this reason, aerial cinematography is becoming very popular these days. Meanwhile, there was a time when it was very costly and used only for movie production. But today, more businesses are investing in aerial filming and photography as it helps attract more customers, increase customer engagement, improve sales, and enhance brand appeal.

However, taking aerial shots is no cakewalk. As such, there are enterprises that make it possible for you to do aerial filming and photography without any hitches that you may potentially encounter. So if you are thinking of getting a few spectacular photographs, the first thing you need to do is approach the right company. In the meantime, a question that might be swirling in your mind is, “what is the right company?” So, you need to hire a professional company with a better experience, skills, and creative perspectives to offer aerial film and photography services. Also, ensure it provides a comprehensive list of related services so that everything that needs to be done to accomplish an aerial shot is handled under the same roof.

Services Offered by an Aerial Cinematography Company

An aerial service company will offer you the following services:

Aerial Filming Permits

Before you step out to shoot an aerial film or photography, you need to get a permit from the concerned authorities. And to surprise, only a reputed aerial filming company can get all the permits required for your filming project. However, it would help to give the company ample time to secure these permits and get clearance because these procedures may take some time.

Helicopter Charter

You need a pristine aerial shot for your project, and for this, a drone will, of course, not suffice. However, you don’t need to book a helicopter yourself. These companies will make the necessary arrangements and liaise with the pilot according to your production requirements.

Drone Video Services

Sometimes while taking an aerial shot, you encounter areas that cannot be accessed by a helicopter. And in such cases, you may need a drone video service. So, your aerial filming can be supplemented by videos taken by drones so that you get the most out of your aerial filming experience.

Photography Equipment Hire

While doing aerial photography or cinematography, you may need several photography tools and equipment. Hence, it is better to collaborate with an aerial filming company that can provide you with a wide selection of systems, mounts and other camera equipment at reasonable prices.

Ground and Support Equipment Hire

That said, aerial photography is a challenging task! There is a lot to think about before you head out for the shoot, and all this will be taken care of by a reliable aerial filming company. As such, the company will provide you with temporary heliports, VHF ground to air communication, LZ crash boxes, safety harnesses, landing lights, etc.

The Crew

Aerial photography is not just about a helicopter pilot and you who are involved in the filming; there is a lot that goes into it. You need a proper crew setup that includes a helicopter landing officer, first aiders, photographers or cameramen, aerial photography director, camera technician, etc. So a professional aerial filming company will get all these experts to your location and ensure you have the desired support in every aspect of filming.

Now that you know what to expect from anaerial cinematography company, you might be thinking of hiring one. If so, remember experience is perhaps the essential attribute any aerial service company can possess. Hence, it is worth looking for a business that has enjoyed longevity and those that register plenty of annual flight time.

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