Affordable Movers In Las Vegas

Affordable Movers In Las Vegas

Look, let me say it straight on. The cheapest movers will be the unregistered ones most definitely. But I will advise against going for such a mover because you can get a lot of trouble over a couple of hundred bucks. Instead, here is a list of the most affordable and credible movers in all of Las Vegas. Be advised that the list is not exhaustive, and the list contains movers based in Las Vegas. Let’s begin.

Move4less Nevada

Move4less is one of the most prolific movers in Nevada, and it is gradually climbing up the ranks of the best movers in the US. The company had humble beginnings, operating solely in Las Vegas, but now it offers out-of-state moves, along with intercity moves. The mover also offers storage units for commercial and personal use and provides comprehensive insurance of your belongings during the move. I came across the company through a referral, and the level of service I received from them, compared to the minimal cost, is the reason for placing them on top of this list. Affordable and quality move. 

Two Men and a Truck

Even though they have 218 reviews on Google, compared to Move4less’s 983, the company has had many positive referrals, making it second on the list. The company is a strong candidate for one of the best movers in Las Vegas, and it had built a reputation for creative marketing as well. Exhibit A, the name. The company offers in-state and out moves, though it can be a bit expensive than move4less, especially the in-state moves. 

Sky Van Lines

I have always found the name “Van Lines” fascinating, partly why Sky Van Lines also caught my attention. The company serves Las Vegas and its surrounding areas. Sky Van Lines will provide insurance for your belongings during the move, and you will receive full compensation if anything happens to them as per policy. It would also be interesting to point out that the mover boasts about its offer of free quote estimates, and you should take advantage of this offer because you can use the quote it provides you with and benchmark all other quotes based on that estimate. There are other companies which offer a free estimate as well, and I would recommend that you contact at least three of them to get a reasonable idea of what the move should cost. It will help you plan your budget and give you a firm ground to negotiate the price with the mover of your choice.

Five Star Moving

Every time I think of Five Star Moving, I think about the 4.9 stars they have on Google Reviews, and it makes me laugh at their predicament. Nevertheless, it is tough to maintain that high a rating, and I am positive that the company has to go above and beyond for its customers to get that high a rating. Even though the company has managed only 317 reviews right now, this is plenty to go on. 


I did say that the list will not be exhaustive because there are so many moving companies in Las Vegas. Out of all the companies on Google, Move4less has maintained a rating of 4.5 while having the most reviews. Since the move’s quote depends on many variables, you need to contact moving companies and directly ask them for quotes. It would be ideal for you to get at least three quotes, and I would recommend that you begin with these companies as they sit at the top of moving companies in Las Vegas, based on reviews on third-party websites.

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