Best Andrologist in Delhi for P Shot for Male Enhancement

P-shot is a procedure, which is done by an andrologist; in this procedure, the andrologist in Delhi will take rich plasma from your blood. And then the same blood is injected into your penis; this promotes tissue growth in it to help you give better erections.

A lot of men are going through the problem of erectile dysfunction and are not able to get proper erections. Thus, P-shot is an effective way to help men go through the problem of male enhancement. The name P-shot is given after a Greek deity of sexual health. So, if you suffer from the problem of sexual health; then you should see an andrologist and sexologist in Delhi immediately.

Why does the andrologist use P-shot?

P-shot is a therapy that is based on the PRP procedure; it helps in treating chronic illness, muscle and joint injuries. Also, it is still an experimental therapy done by an andrologist in Delhi. Andrologists use P-shot therapy mostly in the following cases-

  1. In the case of Penis enhancement
  2. Erectile dysfunction
  3. In the condition of curving of the penis.
  4. To enhance sexual functions, orgasm, performance, and other activities.
  5. In the case of Lichen sclerosis

Does P-shots work-

As mentioned above; there is no scientific proof to fact; if the P-shots work on a man or not. However, a shot can enhance your performance to help you have multiple orgasms.

But according to a lot of andrologists and researchers; andrologists have shown a lot of positive effects on sexual performance. Some of them are as follows-

  1. There is an increase in blood flow.
  2. It can repair certain cells and certain tissues of the body.
  3. It can create the placebo effect in you.
  4. They can help you create new neural pathways.

How much does the procedure costs-

The procedure of PRP is done by a licensed practitioner and is also done by only a few andrologists in Delhi. Thus, the cost of a P-shot in India; for a single jab is around 8,000 INR. Also, the cost doesn’t include any other cost than the injection; so if you go through some other tests or screenings. That may cost you extra than the cost given to you.

Benefits of P-shot-

A lot of patients who have gone through the procedure of P-shot; have reported some amazing benefits of going through the procedure. Some of the changes and the benefits they have seen are as follows-

  1. Men now have longer, stronger, and firm erections than before.
  2. Also, some of the patients who were dealing with premature ejaculation; have seen a difference.
  3. There is a drastic change in sexual confidence and self-esteem.
  4. People now have more sexual pleasure with multiple orgasms at a time.

How does the P-shot treatment works-

The andrologist in Delhi screens you first, to check your normal health. And then the plasma of your blood is taken. Which is then injected into special areas of your penis. This whole process is done with special injection techniques.

Also, the technicians of the laboratory workers; separate the stem cells and the growth factors; which are the red blood cells and the white blood cells from each other. The liquid which is then left is highly rich in plasma; which also supports the formation of new cells and tissues in the penis area. Thus, the healing power of the growth and the stem cells are used in the process; to help you enhance your sexual function and health.

Also, after this procedure, you immediately feel a difference; in which you feel your penis is more firm and you get a great sense of confidence and great self-body image.

What exactly does the andrologist do on your treatment day-

It is a day procedure; so the patient can go home by the end of the day. But you may need a day off; to successfully go through the procedure of P-shot. So, after you arrive at the hospital; the andrologist will most likely ask you to lie down. Once you do the further procedure starts; which is as follows-

  1. The andrologist applies a cream, or ointment to your genital area, to numb it successfully. You may be also given local anesthesia for the same purpose.
  2. In the next step; the andrologist takes your blood sample, which is generally taken from the areas of your arms.
  3. The blood sample is then placed into a test tube; for a few minutes. To separate the components of the blood.
  4. After that, the samples are placed into two different syringes.
  5. The next stage typically takes around 5 to 10 minutes. In this step, the patient is jabbed in the areas of the penis shaft or clitoris.
  6. Men who are given the P-shot, in the penile shaft; may be asked to use the penis pump. This pump successfully draws the blood to your penis. An andrologist in Delhi may even ask you to use the pump daily for a few months. But make sure that you do not overuse it; as you may lose to the elasticity of the penis.

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Side effects of the Procedure-

Although there are no major side effects of the procedure; as it generally does not harm the body a lot. But, you can have some minor problems or side effects of the procedure; such as follows-

  1. You may see swelling, bruises on your pubic region.
  2. Rare cases may also see some redness in pubic regions.
  3. However, some major complications of the process may be seen in some. Some of them can be infections, outbreaks of sores, scarring.

Take Away-

A lot of men go through some common intimate problems; such as Erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. But a lot of men feel shy and anxious about them; thus they do not discuss them with others. However, if these problems are dressed in time; and are referred to a sexologist or an andrologist in Delhi. One can find an effective and easy solution to it. So, if you also want a trustworthy and popular andrologist in Delhi. Contact Dr. Chirag Bhandari; who is the specialist in treating sexual and intimate problems. For more information; you can check it out on “IASH India“.

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