Arm Lift Surgery – Get Rid Of The ‘Bat Wings’ Now!

With all the dieting and exercise, one may look and feel fit. But certain parts of the body are stubborn.

One such example is the arms. Flaps or ‘wings’ of loose skin is common around the upper arms. Even if all other body parts are in shape, these bat wings can make one appear bulkier. Also, skin starts to become loose with age. Cirugía de estiramiento de brazos is the solution in such cases.


It is a type of cosmetic surgery meant to enhance the appearance of the patient’s under upper arm portion. It is also called a Brachioplasty. The procedure involves removing the excess fat and skin between the armpits and elbows. The rest of the skin is safely placed in the new position to make the arms look toned.

When is a Brachioplasty required?

This type of surgery is desirable in the following cases:

  • Loosing of the skin due to age
  • Sagging and hanging flaps of skin around the upper arm
  • Excessive fat around the arms
  • Insecurities and negative body image
  • ‘Bat wings’ as a result of drastic weight loss

How can one prepare themselves for arm lift surgery?

For any cosmetic surgery to be successful, one has to prepare themselves. The preparation has to be done on the physical, mental and emotional levels. So, here are the steps to follow closely before an arm lift surgery.

  1. Please consult with an experienced surgeon and be open with them.
  2. Discuss the expectations and goals for the surgery.
  3. Share the medical history with the surgeon.
  4. Quit smoking well before the surgery for the wounds to heal quickly.
  5. Ask questions and clear all the doubts.
  6. Complete the mandatory lab work. The tests might include an X-ray, electrocardiogram, etc.
  7. Discuss and figure the anaesthesia to be used.
  8. Wear a comfortable and loose t-shirt on the day of the surgery.
  9. Arrange for the stay at the hospital or drive home, whichever the case may be.
  10. Arrange the medicines required after the surgery.

Risks and side effects involved

Each surgery has some risks and side effects. Sometimes, unprecedented complications occur too. Before one undergoes any procedure, they should educate themselves about the risks, complications and side effects after the surgery.

Here are the risks and side effects involved with an arm lift surgery.

  • Stitches from the surgery may lead to inflammation of the skin. Since people often use the portion being operated on, the chances of inflammation become higher if the patient doesn’t take proper rest. In such cases, additional surgery is performed to deal with the stitches.
  • Scarring is also an issue. This surgery involves an incision, and the scars are permanent. Red scars are a rare case but still a possibility. However, ointments and gels are available, which make the scars lighter.
  • Arm lift surgery involves changing the position of the skin. This may cause a temporary shutdown of the sensory nerves. As a result, one might feel slight numbness in the arms.
  • To make both the arms look perfectly symmetrical through surgery is next to impossible. Left and right counterparts are always slightly asymmetrical. But the difference is usually very minute and can’t be recognized. But in some cases, it becomes more than evident. This is because changes occur during the healing period as well.

The bottom line

People seek cosmetic surgery for various reasons. Being open and comfortable with the surgeon is the key irrespective of the reason. After all, communication and proper precautions can make such surgeries a hassle-free experience with desired results.

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