Being an Electrician—Pros and Cons

Being an Electrician—Pros and Cons

Being an electrician Sutherland Shire can be a very rewarding career but as with all careers, it has its pros and cons.


Apprenticeship:  When becoming an electrician, it does not require that you attend school for a few years plus formal training like many professions does. You have the option to enter an apprenticeship program.  This is how many electricians get their schooling and training.  While you are working under a licensed, qualified electrician, you will get paid.

The electrician that you work under will help you to understand the ins and outs of what it means to work as an electrician.  There will also be a certain number of hours that you will be required to attend school.  Doing an apprenticeship can be finished in as few as four years but once finished with the program, you will still have to take a test to become licensed and certified as an electrician before you can work in the field as one.

Job security:  The world relies on electricity in their homes and businesses so there is always going to be a need for electricians near me and far away.  There is also a wide variety of electrician jobs so there will always be a field to go into.  And in time, you can even have your own electrician business.  You will be able to find work in industries, businesses, construction, residential, and more.


Odd hours:  There are some electrician jobs that are 9-5 but it all depends on what type of electrician job you are doing.  If you are an electrician for a factory, you may have varied shifts and work weekends.  An emergency electrician is on-call 24/7 so you have to be prepared to work needed.  If you are an electrician near me and there is a storm causing my electricity to go out, as an electrician you may need to help restore my power.

Sometimes if there are big storms, electricians may travel to other states to help out.  This could mean time away from family.  If you work for a construction company wiring new houses, you may also have to travel to the site where the homes are being built.

Dangerous:  Yes, working as an electrician can be dangerous.  There is always the chance that you could suffer from an electrical shock, get slight burns, or even be electrocuted.  This is why it is very important that you follow strict safety protocols.  There is also the chance of falling off ladders if you have to climb to put in new wiring, cuts from tools, etc.


As an electrician Sutherland Shire, it can be hard work because at times you will be crawling through spaces, climbing, bending, standing, and stooping a lot so it can take a toll on your body.  The plus side is you can make a decent living as an electrician.  The average pay for an electrician is $60,000 a year but the actual figure will depend on experience and type of electrician you are plus location.

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