Carpenter Ants in Toronto

Carpenter Ants in Toronto, Their Colonies, and Ant Control Solutions

Carpenter ants are common pests in Toronto, and they are a threat to your property. They are a highly aggressive wood-destructive force.

They can be considered the same as termites to damage wooden structures, but these pests do not consume wood for food. They use the wood to establish or enlarge their nests by causing loads of damage to wood.

They can dig out wood and cause moderate damage to wooden structures in the process. You cannot welcome these creatures in your home if you want your property to remain valuable. Their favorite preys are aphids and other sweet sugary insects. Carpenter ants in Toronto invade properties and trouble property owners; hence, you should permanently eliminate these ants from your property.

Carpenter Ants and Property Damage in Toronto:-

You now know what carpenter ants can damage, and you would also have guessed yourself why they are known as carpenter ants. They are wood-destroying pests, but the damage they can cause is far less than subterranean termites can cost you in Toronto. If you left the carpenter ant infestation untreated, the ants would keep on increasing, resulting in substantial damage to your property.

With time, damage can become severe, and the situation may go out of control. In the nest building excavation phase, they make kick-out holes to toss out the trash and debris accumulated within the nest forming frass. The pest control with bleach professionals cautiously inspect frass to determine whether carpenter ants or dry-wood termites are responsible for its formation. If you let the nests grow by allowing the ants to populate, and control becomes a challenge, and in some cases, you may be able to do nothing against the infestation.

How Do Pest Control Professionals Start with Carpenter Ant Control?

Carpenter ant control in Toronto is initiated with the search for the ant colony or nest. Before any efforts are made, the professional devise a working ant control strategy or method. They do not just spray on the ants without knowing the consequences. For instance, if you spray ‘Over the Counter Posion’ on carpenter ants without realizing what can happen, the process can become complicated as ant infestation can turn to the worst.

Are Sprays or Chemicals Effective Against Carpenter Ants?

You need to know that sprays only kill worker ants and would have no effect on the queens. If many worker ants start dying, the queens will start laying more eggs that may outnumber the original workers. As a result, the carpenter ant colony becomes several times larger, making it hard for you to get rid of them. 

The carpenter ants in Toronto cannot sense many chemical pesticides; thus, they can survive them. The worker ants ignore the chemical you might spray and travel around it. Chemical sprayed close to the nest will stimulate the queens to instruct the workers to pick eggs and move them far away from the pesticide. The queens also ask the workers to divide or split into several new nests in response to the attack.

What to Do If Ant Colonies Have Been Located?

Once the ant colonies have been detected, they need to be treated with baits or non-repellent insecticides, which are considered the best to kill carpenter ants as they cannot see their presence. On the other hand, tricks can help attract ants to feed on them, helping you with ant control in Toronto. It is advised that you do not apply the sprays randomly on your property purchased from hardware stores. This action can also make it hard for you to get rid of these ants, and the process is costly for you to contact them exterminated them permanently.

Dust products can help you eliminate carpenter ant colonies in Toronto located inside the wall voids, hollow doors, or window sills. 


Homeowners in Toronto do not appreciate carpenter ants of Toronto as they can cause significant damage to your property, devaluing your property’s worth. They are known to damage wooden structures to make their nests; for the same reason, they are known as carpenter ants. You need to consult pest control professionals in Toronto to exterminate these clever pests for good from your property.

Sprays or chemical pesticides might not be effective against the infestation. Once you detect carpenter ant colonies, you can use dust products or ant baits for ant control rather than relying on sprays or chemical pesticides to eradicate carpenter ants. In a nutshell, carpenter ants are challenging pests to get rid of yourself. Therefore, you can depend on pest control professionals for their permanent extermination from your property in Toronto.

If you want to learn about controlling pests and dealing with them, you should feel free to contact Pesticon (, a pest control company, an expert at pest control in Toronto.

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