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Clipping Path Services

It’s the era of Photoshop, and Photoshop has conquered the work with its incredibly unique features from which the clipping path is also one. A few years back, when there was no concept of Photoshop, or we can say when people were not as familiar with clipping path services, ecommerce photography was quite a task.

People have to spend enough amount of time editing pictures and videos to use for their professional uses.

Photoshop has cut down the time, and now, clipping path and other unique features have made the job a lot easier. Many professional Photoshop experts are working in the market to provide us with their incredible clipping path services. Knowing about some fantastic details of Photoshop services, we decided to brief you on this topic. So that in the future, when you launch your own business, you can get these services as per your need.

What are clipping path services?

Some people who are new or not that much familiar with clipping path services must be thinking about what these services actually are. In clipping path services, an object is extracted from an image, and you can use it later in many places. It is best when you have to cut out different objects from one image.

Sometimes, people don’t want to use the whole image, but they just need an object. Clipping path services allow them to crop their desired portion of the image and use it at some other place. It is a quick way of getting cropped images in the form of stickers.

What are the benefits of clipping path services?

Although we don’t get enough space to mention them all, we summarize the most significant ones for you. Without delaying any further, let’s have a look at the list of advantages that you can enjoy!


Sometimes, finding the right type and size of the image is barely possible in business. And, of course, the business professional knows the value of time. So they don’t appreciate spending more than enough time in finding the right type of image. They prefer some quick and easy method to get their desired image or object. That’s why clipping path is the best way to get the job done quickly. That’s the main reason for choosing Photoshop clipping path for your business and other professional uses.

Cheaper solutions:

At times, the image that you’re looking for is undoubtedly available but not royalty-free. New businesses in the market don’t appreciate spending money on buying images, but they want to go with royalty-free images. In such cases, the Photoshop clipping path is the best and cheaper way to get the job done. This image editing technique will help you in building your only store.

Easily available:

Photoshop clipping path is the most readily available service that you can opt for. You don’t have to hire professional editors and pay them lavishly to do your job. An intermediate-level editor can help you in image editing and background removal to make your image ready to go with your online store. So, if you are looking for some handy solutions for image editing, you should go with clipping path services.

Image retouching:

The most important thing for many ecommerce store holders is to get the best quality pictures for their store. Photoshop clipping path is the best technique to do image retouching to make your images attractive enough for the visitors. Through the clipping path, you can easily change the colors of the image and make it brand new for your store.

Multiple areas at the same time:

There come sometimes when you had to change different parts of the image at the same time. Applying the same changes to different areas of the image could be difficult, but the clipping path made it a lot easier. You can draw different paths using different levels of clipping paths and make changes all at the same time.

Different levels for different complexities:

Handling image complexities is not a piece of cake, but a clipping path made it. The clipping path has different levels that you can use to handle the different complexities of the image. An expert editor knows which level he should use for the image, and that’s how he makes his job easier. You can use different levels of the clipping path technique for different complexities of images.

Who can get benefit from clipping path services?

Now arises the question about who can enjoy clipping path services. If we talk in a broader sense, almost everybody in the world needs image editing, background removal, and other Photoshop services for personal or professional use. But the people who are more likely to get enough benefit from clipping path services are:

  • E-Commerce Businesses
  • Photo Studios
  • Clothing Industry
  • Digital Service Agency
  • Web Design and Development Service Provider
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Publication Houses
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Real Estate

All these businesses need images to grab their customers’ attention. They have to present their products so that they can convert their visitors into customers. Not only can these, but all the other businesses in the world get benefit from Photoshop clipping services. If you are also starting your online business, don’t forget to get some expert Photoshop clipping path services now!

Why is the clipping path important?

Now, it comes time to answer the question of why it is important for product images. We all know that for an online store, the best quality images are the most important thing. If your image resolution of outlook is not rich, you may have to face difficulties in ranking. The visitors also get attracted to the quality of the pictures of the products you post.

If you post good quality and fine-tune images on your store, you will see more visitors converting into your potential buyers. In this way, the best images can increase your conversion rate. A clipping path is the best option for fine-tune the product images for your store. It is an amazing technique that will help you remove the background of the image, correct the color issues, and then prepare it to look great in your store.

You can use a clipping path to retouch the image and make it more attractive and prominent for your store. 

Furthermore, a clipping path is also used to remove the unwanted parts of the image that you don’t want to use. You can easily remove those parts from your picture through the clipping path and get the refined image.

Color masking is another use of clipping path that will help you make your image more amazing. 

What are the Levels of Clipping Path Services?

If we talk about the levels of clipping path, you would be wondered to know that clipping path has the following levels:

Basic clipping path:

It is the easiest and the first level of clipping path. At this level, only one path is drawn. The image is cropped from that path, and the background is removed. If you want to get product images, this is the best option for products that have fewer curves and edges. You can crop the whole image through only one path and use the desired cut-out image wherever you want.

Simple clipping path:

There are certain products that have curves and holes in the design. For example, T-shirts, shoes, rings, watches, ear-rings, a camera, chair and some other products like that. The basic clipping path technique is not enough for such products because you also have to cover the holes. So, for these products and the products like these, we use a simple clipping path. The difference between a basic clipping path and a simple clipping path is that it has more curves and more anchor points of the path as compared to basic clipping.

Medium clipping path:

Sometimes, the product image is complicated enough to use a simple or basic clipping path to remove it from the background. It may have some more complex curves and edges that one can’t cover with a single path. So, a medium clipping path is used so that it can cover all the edges, curves, and holes, and a fine product image is obtained.

Complex clipping path:

There are many tools available in Adobe Photoshop that we use for image editing. One of them is a pen tool. In a complex clipping path, we use this pen tool to draw paths to cut out the image and remove the background. There sometimes comes when you have to cut out grouping products from one image, and for that, you have to draw different paths. It is because the image has a lot of curves and edges that you have to cover. That’s why we use a pen tool from the adobe tool kit to draw different complex paths which merge to form a single fine result. And this technique of using a pen tool to draw complex paths is known as a complex clipping path.

Multiple clipping path:

Sometimes, even after using the complex clipping path technique, some curves are still left. To cover all those edges and curves which a complex clipping path technique can’t cater, we use multiple clipping path. For that time, you can use various clipping paths to get the work done easily. The best thing about multiple clipping paths is that you don’t have to reshoot your image over and over again. You can just use the pen tool to do various clipping paths and obtain the desired results.

Super complex clipping path:

Here comes the last and the most complicated level of Photoshop clipping path known as super complex clipping path. Sometimes, the product image that you want to use in your only store is difficult enough that using complex clipping and multiple complex clipping can’t handle. 

You have to draw many individual paths and join them to obtain your product image fine enough to be used at an only store. Mostly, complex, multiple complexes, and super complex clipping paths are used with image masking or clipping masking to get the results. The product images which require a super complex clipping path are furniture, jewelry, pet crates, and different furry objects.

These are certain levels of clipping path that are used mostly to cut out the product image in such a fine way that you can use it in your store. If you are about to launch a new product in the market, you must hire an expert in Photoshop for your image editing. He would help you achieve fine product images for your store.

When should you use a clipping path and when to not?

Another biggest concern of image editing is to decide when you should use a clipping path for your product images and when you should not. If you hire an expert, he would tell you about the details. Still, you should know in advance so that you can know whether you need a Photoshop clipping path or not.

When to use:

Sometimes, when you want your product to be more prominent in your store, you need to remove the background. That’s the best time to do the clipping path.

Sometimes, when you need just to hide the background instead of completely removing it. That’s when you need to do a clipping path.

Sometimes, when you need to select and edit just a portion of the image, you should use a clipping path.

Sometimes, when you want to edit different areas of the same image at the same time. Complex clipping paths are the best choice for those times.

When not to use:

The only time when Photoshop clipping path can’t help you is when your product image has some hair or fur. It isn’t easy that your Photoshop clipping path would help. Instead, image masking would do the job a lot better in that case.

What is the difference between clipping path and image masking?

Some people thinking that the clipping path and image masking are the same, but there is a difference in both. Both are different image editing techniques that we use to get product images.

Clipping path is an image editing technique in which we use pen tools to remove the background and get the product image. Image masking is also used to remove the background of the images.

The significant difference between these two techniques is that clipping path is used for sharp edges and curves while image masking is used for images that have more fine lines.

Another significant difference is that clipping oath uses a pen tool to do the job. Simultaneously, for image masking, you need various tools, including a background eraser tool, magic eraser tool, and some other tools to fine-tune the image.

Image clipping is best for product images like jars, pens, bags, etc. In comparison, image masking is used for furry objects like the hair of a model or the fur of a bear, etc.

Where to get image clipping path services?

Now, you must be thinking about how and where to get these services from. The best thing about the era of the internet is that you can access everything on the internet. However, you can find clipping path services near you if you are living in a big city. But if it is not possible for you to reach out to your near possible clipping path service providers, you can get online services.

Many online companies are offering their services on the internet. People from all over the world approach them and hire them for the best services. Dot clipping services are the best option to choose from in the market. If you are really looking forward to getting some premium services, dot clipping should be on the top of the list of your shortlisted online clipping path service providers.

Why choose Dot clipping path service providers?

Now, “why” should be popping in your mind because the market has a lot many options to offer you. We have a huge list of significant reasons for which you should choose Dot clipping instead of any other company. If you are interested in knowing, don’t delay any further, and let’s learn about why you should choose us!

Premium-quality services:

The first and the most important thing about Dot clipping is that quality is our priority. We never compromise the quality of the services. Whenever you hire our services, we can promise you that you won’t have to regret your decision. So, if you are looking for clipping path services, and you don’t have enough time to try somebody, Dot clipping is the best place to get things done.

Experienced and skilled staff:

The most important thing about Dot clipping is that we have the best skillful and experienced staff. We have a professional image-editing staff that would handle all the editing services. The staff we have at our place is expert at adobe and other editing tools. So, if you need professional services, Dot clipping would prove to be the best choice for you!

Punctual staff:

The other thing that would attract you the most is the punctual staff of the Dot clipping. We make sure to meet the deadlines so that our clients who know the value of time don’t have to suffer. We know the frustration that you may have to face when you don’t get work done on time. That’s why choosing us would always go to your benefit.

Always available:

The next thing that you would like the best about Dot clipping path services is that we are always available to work for you. We never say no to our clients. No matter what time of day or night it is, you can reach out to us, and we will respond to you. If you want to get product images for your store and you don’t want to waste time trying amateurs, Dot clipping is available in the market. Reach for us and enjoy the best services!


The significant concern of the clients is the cost factor. The best thing about Dot clipping path service providers is that we always offer the best services at reasonable rates. Cost-effectiveness is something that everybody likes. None of our clients have ever complained about the cost of the services. If you choose us, we promise to provide you the best services!

Easy communication:

We are so proud of our customer care services. When you contact us, our customer care staff would always be available for you. If you have any queries, confusion, or questions about our services, all you have to do is ring us. Communication is the key, and we are easy to communicate with. So reach for us now, and you will see the difference!

Trust me; if you hire our staff for once, you would love to work with us. Not only this, but we have a lot of other image editing services for you. So, put all your worries aside and reach for us to get premium quality services at reasonable rates. What are you exactly waiting for then? Reach for us now and get ahead of the image editing game!

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