Counting down the weeks moving house checklist!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just have everything move as if by magic for you when you are moving homes? It is hard work. But while we do not have a magic wand we can wave for you, there is a way to make moving a little easier. Using a moving house checklist can help with remembering what needs to be done and when. Here is a weekly count down and what you can do each week so that everything gets done.

Week 8

  1. Research which removalist company you are using, get some quotes and make your choice based on looking at reputation, reviews and experience. Ask them about insurance and consider getting additional especially if you have things of high value.
  2. Research new banks, doctors, schools if needed. 
  3. Start the process of organising your things into keep, give away, sell piles.

Week 7

  1. Start a folder where you can keep all the important papers you will need and might want to.
  2. Make a list of all the people you need to contact to inform them of your move and new address. Remember your online accounts too.
  3. Continue organising one room that you do not use with things to sell, keep and give away. 
  4. Get some packing materials.

Week 6

  1. Take the things you have organised already and give away the items so far you have to a local charity shop or online. Move around the house and start placing more things into the spare room into those three piles again. Stick with things you are not using, craft supplies, Christmas decorations, spare jackets.
  2. Set up a plan to sell some unwanted items that are in good condition, you might do it online, take it to a car boot sale, sell to shops that buy used items.
  3. Let the school know your children are moving and set up a plan for them to move to a new school.
  4. Start packing things that are not used, seasonal clothing, things in the basement or attic that you are taking with you and such.

Week 5

  1. Let friends and family know your new address.
  2. Stop buying bulk foods, freezer foods and try to use up what you have.
  3. Buy more packing materials as often one trip is never enough! Make sure you plan for fragile items and special items. Take pictures of high-value items and pack jewelry and valuables somewhere safe.
  4. Decide on what box labelling system or code you are using.
  5. Create a schedule for packing each room.

Week 4

Into your moving month for your moving house checklist.

  1. Make sure you fill out a change of address notification with the post office.
  2. As for a day or two off if you are working for the same people for moving day.
  3. Confirm moving day with your removalists.
  4. Continue packing and sorting. 
  5. Make sure you know what you are doing with pets and children on move day.

Week 3

  1. Cancel any deliveries you have to your old home, papers, magazines, and so on.
  2. Make a note of any scratches or damage already on your walls and furniture.
  3. Set up deliveries to your new address.

Week 2

  1. Try to get most of the packing done in this week. 
  2. Sell and give away everything that you placed in these piles.
  3. Put together a packet of information for people moving into the home.
  4. Make sure all appliances are clean. If you cannot eat what you have in the kitchen, start to pack up boxes to give away to food banks or friends.
  5. Make sure everyone has any medications filled. ELF925 Silver Jewelry Manufacturer

Week 1

Moving day is here!

  1. In this final week on your moving house checklist make sure freezers and fridges are properly defrosted a few days before the move. A professional should be the one to disconnect any gas lines.
  2. Have cash on you for petrol, tipping the movers, food and drink on the way and so on.
  3. Organise the turning off of utilities in the old home and turning on in the new home.
  4. Final packing.
  5. Dispose of anything that is not being transported.
  6. Back up all computers before packing away.
  7. Have every person pack a suitcase for a couple of weeks of things they must-have, favourite toys, PJs, clothing, book, toiletries and so on.
  8. Do a final confirmation with your removalist.

If you are moving interstate, your checklist might be slightly different. But worry not, check out this neat interstate relocation checklist!


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