Some Deep Facts About The Top Robotic Surgeon For Prostate

Robotic prostate surgery is a surgical treatment for prostate cancer, and the procedure involved in radical prostatectomy helps remove the entire prostate gland. Robotic techniques now do radical prostatectomy.

In open prostate surgery, prostate glands are removed using a large incision in the lower abdomen. Laparoscopic prostate surgery always involves a keyhole incision used to insert a lighted viewing instrument into pelvic reason. This allows removal and examination of the prostate without any large abdominal incision.

Laparoscopic and robotic surgery

Both robotic and laparoscopic surgery is known as an invasive technique for performing prostate surgery. These procedures help the surgeon to operate using small ports rather than large cuts; This results in short recovery times, and only a few complications arise. It helps the patient to reduce hospital stays. The robotic surgical treatment combines invasive surgery with advanced robotic technology.

You can find the top robotic surgeon for prostate in Chicago who routinely offers both the form of surgery who are suffering from prostate cancer. The procedures that are performed using a small keyhole incision don’t cut the muscles. Robotic prostatectomy offers the surgeon for unparalleled visualization of the area that permits precise removal of the prostate.

Why does someone need robotic prostate surgery?

Robotic and laparoscopic prostatectomy is mainly used for treating patients who are suffering from prostate cancer. These types of procedures are offered to all the patients for open radical prostatectomy.

Unlike traditional open surgery, robotic surgery needs only 4 to 5 small and whole-button incisions. And the surgeon uses a powerful and high-precision endoscope through this incision and all types of specialized surgical instruments for removing the prostate.

Difference between laparoscopic radical and robotic prostatectomy

Both types of prostate surgery are minimally invasive techniques that are performed for prostate cancer.

In radical laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon always stands by operating a table to manipulate the instruments. But in robotic prostatectomy, the surgeon is seated at a robotic Console near the patient from where the surgeon drives the robotic instrument to perform his operation. The robot accurately and faithfully reproduce the sophisticated maneuvers of the surgeon.

Robotic-assisted surgery

It is a computer-enhanced robotic system that consists of three components as follows-

  • It contains a 3-dimensional surgical field that includes depth of field, high resolution, and magnification.
  • The instruments used to mimic the movement of human hands, fingers, and wrist allow an extensive range of precision and motion.
  • The master surgeon allows others to manipulate instruments by translating the natural hand of the surgeon and wrist movement into precise scaled and corresponding movements.

The robotic Prostate surgery takes 2 to 4 hours, and the patient generally feels better, but only fewer pain requirements are seen in the early postoperative period. Patients usually move home the day after the completion of prostate surgery, and they can return to the daily activities as early as 7 to 10 days of surgery.

Patients who have undergone open surgery need 4 to 6 weeks after surgery 2 perform their daily activities. They also experience less intraoperative bleeding.

Some risks are involved in the robot-assisted prostatectomy that includes reaction to anesthesia and other related products, risk of infections, and blood clots seen in lungs or legs with some minor complications.

The response of this surgery depends upon the patient’s body’s inherent characteristics and the patient’s medical condition. Compared to laparoscopic prostatectomy, robotic surgery is associated with better potency, lower complication rate, and higher continence rate.

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