Do you tip the owner of a moving company?

In some occupations, tipped workers are consistently tipped (such as hairdressers, bartenders and restaurant servers) but occasionally tipped workers can also be found in other situations.

In the moving industry, it’s common to tip the driver who moves your furniture and boxes. Because they’re not a constant presence at your house or apartment.

You may be unsure of how much to tip them. Since there’s usually enough flexibility in their work that they could quit one day and start again the next, it tends to vary if they’re on commission.

If they just get paid hourly for what they do for you. The actual act of moving is one of the more stressful events in life.

It’s also a task that involves physically transporting your furniture and decor from point A to point B. Even as a homeowner with many years under their belt.

It can be difficult to figure out how much you should tip your competition. You see, when you were still renting you were never required to tip fees or even service providers for things that went badly.

A concept that doesn’t really go over well for anyone working in the industry. There are people in the moving business who work hard on your behalf.

And deserve to get a little something extra out of their job if they really follow through during this trying time – so it makes sense asking yourself “what is the proper way to tip my movers?”

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Organize customer prior to their arrival

If you sort your boxes in advance and label them well, it’s much easier to coordinate with your movers. And we know how hectic moving day can be.

Which is why we are thrilled to see you taking some time to get things organized right now!

To make your move as smoothly as possible, let us take the hassle out of sorting out where things should go – simply enter the items below on our printable moving checklist.

When it comes down to your move, you want nothing more than for it to go as smoothly as possible.

If you have all your boxes easily sorted and labeled for them, chances are the movers will appreciate this and make things a lot easier on them.

(If you’re looking for some moving tips, try using our printable moving checklist!)

It’s not just the boxes that should be organized however! When possible avoid letting last minute packing take hold of your original plan by paying attention to what items need to be prepared early on so they don’t get lost in the shuffle!

Weather conditions

“Anyone moving from Point A to Point B with their belongings would have reservations about weather in the forecast.

Everyone is aware of the challenges associated with moving in extreme heat, rain or snow. You may want to consider tipping your packers and movers if they’re able to get you moved before conditions worsen.”

Moving is hard enough as it is with the weather being so unpredictable these days, but if your local movers do a great job.

You want to reward their hard work then consider giving them a nice tip to show your appreciation.

Moving can be intolerable in the heat, during a rainstorm or when it’s slick and icy outside. However, as a customer you know that your movers have to endure these elements daily.

And you may want to offer some token of appreciation for getting your belongings safely from point A to B in such difficult conditions.

Moving items upstairs/downstairs

Moving a sectional couch with multiple recliners to an upstairs game room is quite a task. If you have movers who have to make several trips up and down a flight of stairs, they’re saving you time and energy by doing all that lifting on your behalf.

A tip might be in order because of how much work they are doing and because of the countless flights of steep stairs they have to huff it up and down.

When relocating a sectional couch to an upstairs game room is one important job. It would take you long hours of relocating items on your own.

But Moving Crew is taking spare time because of the extra time and energy expended with many flights of stairs

Although it might seem like a monumental task, your movers are actually going to make this much easier for you! It would definitely be best if you completed this event with friends and family members in need of some exercise anyway.

But don’t worry about getting out of breath (well – at least not during the actual moving part) because you have friendly local movers working hard to get everything moved without having to do most of the work yourself.

How many oversized items are included in the move?

Almost everything comes with the help of moving companies these days. But just ask any mover about how many different kinds of items they can move, and it will probably surprise you.

A lot of people don’t know that when it comes to moving, there are pieces that take up a ton of space in your home because they are exceptionally bulky and incredibly heavy!

For example, if you want to move antique china cabinet or a few dozen boxes filled with your favorite books and then there’s always that piano that needs to be moved too.

Those all add up quickly! This is where you need the help and expertise of professional movers. According to Zillow, it looks like an average of 42 boxes would be considered light moving labor.

Just consider what you’d already have to do to complete all the labor yourself, especially with those heavy furniture items and 13 double dressers!

Moving companies can cut down on the time and energy the lifting required just so you don’t spend a week trying to move everything in a single day; instead, we can help execute it within just days!

It is like to move this on your own? Think about the additional time spent bringing them over and getting the place ready for them. With Team Moving by your side, you know exactly what you’re in for!


If you are moving and need to hire a moving company to help, you may wonder whether you should tip the company’s owner.

Since there is no standard amount for tipping a moving company owner, you should be prepared to tip what you believe is appropriate based on the quality of the service you receive.

Whether you are moving or not, you should consider how you want to handle tipping the owner of a moving company, as this can be an important factor that you want to consider.

It’s a common practice to tip the movers who help make your move safe, quick, and easy. But do you tip the owners of the moving company?

It’s a question that many people don’t ask, and one that we can’t answer with a simple yes or no. Instead, we have three tips to help you decide what you should do in this situation.

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