Factors to Keep in Mind with Custom Shirt Printing

Factors to Keep in Mind with Custom Shirt Printing

One of the reasons more people are looking at what the options are for custom printing Singapore located is because with ready-made garments you are a lot more limited in the type of shirts and the styles that are available. Often people will come home with a top they are willing to make do with having not really found anything that they loved. But with custom shirt printing that does not have to be the case. You can design and have printed your own choice of shirt, with customized printed images and embroidery if you want it. Let’s explore how to go about getting the t-shirts you really want.

Selecting a design or creating your own

You have a few options with the image or design you use and that also depends on the printing service you use. Often they will have a very large collection you can choose from or in some cases they will also accept designs you have created yourself. You just need to make sure it is in the format they specify. This means you can come up with something completely unique to you. No more bumping into people wearing the same things as you or being bored by the same designs and images over and over. You are really only limited to what you can imagine. If you want something special but do not have the design talent or program you can ask a designer for their services, or use a custom shirt printing service that has a designer.

Choosing the right size

It is important to get the right size for your shirt so that it looks great on you. You might choose something fitted or something more casual and loser. Most printing services offer different shirts and sizes so you can look through them. Consider the length as well as the width, the length of the sleeves, the collar if you want one.

Choosing the fabric you prefer

You can get different fabrics for your t-shirts as well. The fabric you prefer is about comfort, what you are wearing it for, the weather, what you are wearing it with. Also different custom printing Singapore techniques look different on different fabrics. Talk to your printer and they can advise you better. Cotton is often one of the easiest as even after printing they stay comfortable, but if it is very hot and you are very sweaty it will get wet quickly!

Selecting the right colour

The colour of the t-shirt when you are doing custom shirt printing is also important. You want something that suits you and your skin tone but you also want it to look good with the image being printed onto it. There was a time when white shirts were best with screen printing but there are ways to get around that with darker colours, again talk to your printer. You also want to choose a colour that does not clash with the colours in the image you are printing.







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