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Free Digital Marketing Tools; Best For Start-ups 2021

Digital marketing needs a good budget to afford the tools for making things easy for marketing on different platforms. Many struggles to use the automation tools, so as a digital marketing agency in Delhi, we have come up with these free digital marketing tools that will help many start-ups to use any tools of the following list.

They are powerful and easy-to-use, which is reliable till today. We recommend you to use these tools for performing the best digital marketing campaign with less stress.

The tools mentioned by a digital marketing company in Delhi are suitable for a dedicated marketing program such as email marketing, influencer marketing, etc.

  • Content Creation – Canva:

Content is the basis of digital marketing. You can create posts for social media marketing and other platforms too via Canva. It is available in a free version and paid, but the free version gives you almost all the features of Canva. You can design for any, for instance, Linkedin, Instagram, Cover page, etc. It gives you dedicated templates for designing, the user interface is simple and there are many readymade templates available for easy designing.

  • Customer Relation Management – Hubspot CRM:

The customer relationship management tool has simplified the job and helps you to keep an eye on the customers with managing the relation too. Hubspot CRM is best in this field, which will help you to manage the relations. You can track the sales process and organize the information with storage.

Hubspot CRM Tool

In the Hubspot CRM tool, you get the features like drag and drop communicator, scheduling, tracking, templates, email connections, etc. So many benefits will help you to manage the CRM easily. Hence we recommend using this, as many companies today use Hubspot CRM.

  • SEO – Open Site Explorer:

It is the best tool for examining the domain and page authority and tracking links you are getting with the source of the links. In the free version, you get 3 reports a day. Using the Open Site Explorer is easy, you need to paste the URL and check the stats like site and domain authority.

  • Social Media Marketing – Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a digital marketing tool that integrates with multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can grow your IG follower and like to Buy Instagram Likes and followers. Also, it has a guided tour, which helps you to know the user interface and the navigation. It gives you all the basic features that a social media marketing tool gives.

  • Optimizing Website – Hotjar:

Hotjar helps you to track the visitors, what they are doing on your website. It helps you to know the visitor’s moves through heatmaps, scroll maps, click maps, etc. this tool gives you the options such as analyzing the funnel and inserting surveys, messages to the audience.

  • Suggested Contents – Zest:

Zest is a tool that can be added to Google Chrome like an extension. It is a helpful tool for digital marketing, where you can collect the content suggested by users. This can be a plus since you are bringing close content for the users.


At the end of the blog! As a digital marketing agency like Akvitek we have shared the important tools that can be used by companies, start-ups. For digital marketing. We suggest you a few more tools for marketing like Mailchimp for email marketing, Google Analytics for real-time tracking, for influencer marketing, etc. These are the few open-source tools (free) that can be easily and effectively used in digital marketing.

If you have a budget to swing, then hire a company like a digital marketing company in Delhi. To get optimized digital marketing without any stress and better results.

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