The Herculean Task of Looking For Orthopedic Spine Surgeons

Everyone experience some extent of lower back pain once. When slight discomfort in the back arises, many think that it will go away on its own. If it remains for some time, people try to cure it with over-the-counter medications in the hopes of getting relief.

And most times, it is often ignored. If this pain is not given attention at the right time, it starts going south, giving rise to severe problems that can affect the quality of your life. Living with persistent pain is no joy ride, in fact, it is a painful one.

The reason so many people go through the same kind of pain is the sedentary lifestyle they lead. With corporate offices, people spend hours working in front of the computer screens without having any proper break. The absence of any physical activity makes it worse.

Orthopedic spine surgeons of Mount Dora can help you feel better by pointing out the cause of the pain and giving the required treatment on time.

Signs suggesting you to see a spine surgeon

Some indications tell you that it is time to get an orthopedic spine surgeon’s appointment. Some of them are listed here:

Extreme pain

When back pain is beyond tolerance and starts spreading to the lower back area, there are significant chances that some big problem is on its way. The radiating pain is an indication of conditions like sciatica, herniated disc, and more.

No results from physical treatment

Physical therapists can prove beneficial for many patients, but also, there are instances when you have visited a physical therapist with no sign of permanent relief. There is no better time than this to see a spine surgeon.

Consistent pain

Any pain persisting for more than three months and ineffective to therapy or non-invasive methods is persistent. The line has been crossed, and it requires immediate medical assessment.

Poor quality of life

Constant and agonizing pain can estrange you from activities that you used to enjoy. Basic activities like climbing stairs, bending for various works, or stretching seem like herculean tasks. All of these are signs of seeking expert assistance.

Conditions treated by a surgeon

An orthopedic spine surgeon can help you with the following situations:

  • Sports injury
  • Spinal conditions
  • Muscle tears
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Carpal tunnel

Looking for an orthopedic spine surgeon?

Are you looking for an expert who can give you much-awaited relief from extreme neck and back pain? Are you confused by several orthopedic spine surgeons whose services you can avail? Well, you need not worry as the solution to your queries lies here. The daunting task of selecting the right surgeon for you can be made slightly easier if you know what to look for.

Before making an appointment with any surgeon, you should consider the following factors:


There are various conditions one can face related to the spine. Make sure the surgeon is specialized and experienced in treating the particular condition you have. If necessary, you can also ask the surgeon about the number of times he has performed a specific procedure.

Patient satisfaction

Having a look at patient testimonials can work in your favor. If the patients are satisfied with the treatment, it tells you a lot about the surgeon.


Before booking an appointment, you should consider whether you can afford the complete treatment or not. Go for the surgeons who offer excellent treatments at affordable prices.

If you are fighting your battle with extreme neck and back pain, there is no use in delaying a meeting with a qualified surgeon. Say goodbye to the constant pain and enhance your quality of life.

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