Here’s A List Of Some Designer Wall Outlets You’d Want To Incorporate In Your House

Wall outlets are often neglected while deciding on the interior of your house. There are a wide variety of choices for your home’s outlet. It gives you an aesthetic appeal while doubling the functionality of your home. You will be a step ahead of the rest in detailing the look and comfort of the interior.

Here’s a list of some designer wall outlets that can be used for your home:

Hang On Outlet

These outlets have a flat plate attached to the bottom. You can keep your plugs securely when not needed. Make the plugs organized. Allowing you to access them.

GFCI Outlet

These outlets closely monitor the flow of electricity received by the outlet. This outlet will stop a sudden leak or increase in electric current. It is ideal for usage in the bathroom and kitchen, where a safe outlet should be a top priority. Owing to the presence of water usage in these areas.

Tamper Resistant Outlets

The holes in the outlets are covered from the inside. So only plugs can be inserted into it. Thus saving children from electric shock when they try to insert good conductors of electricity like pencil onto it.

Weather Resistant Outlets

These are designed for outdoor usage of electrical appliances. These designer wall outlets have covers to shield them from the various forces of nature.

USB Outlets

The three-prong outlets are at the bottom for plugging in USB wires directly. So you don’t need to have adapters anymore. The plus point is that in one designated place, you can plug in your appliances and devices. As per needs.

AFCI Outlet

Arcing causes your how to change spark plugs. It happens when there are loose ends in the wiring system. An AFCI Outlet keeps such activity in check. It immediately interrupts the electric supply from reaching the outlet, preventing any untoward accidents. It is ideal for your bedroom, where you might have plugged in your electronic devices and fallen asleep.

Switch Outlets

You can plug in your appliance permanently without running electricity by using switch Outlets. You can simply turn on the switch to use the appliance. Switch Outlets are safe, and keep your plugs in the socket. Giving you ample convenience for its usage.

Smart Outlets

You can use your phone to switch a light on or off while still being seated comfortably. Not only this, you can set timers to ensure that an appliance does its job without human intervention. They are also designed to stop electricity from leaking out of these outlets. If you want your house to reckon with the future. Smart Outlets are your building blocks.


Designer wall outlets ensure the safety and well-being of your family members while fidgeting with the outlets. Irrespective of your presence. They are designed to prevent any mishaps from happening because of a rise in the electricity levels. Or due to mere negligence. A few of them also enable you to save on electricity.  You should certainly incorporate these modern amenities into your daily life. To enhance your experience of living with all the modern appliances in place.

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