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Top CCTV Cameras for Home Security; Get Expert CCTV Installation Redbridge

The modern world is full of comfort and technological advancements but it has a larger risk of crimes like burglary and theft too. And security is everyone’s optimal concern. Everyone wants their family and loved ones to be safe.

Security cameras are nothing less than heroes of the modern world. It makes you feel at peace, knowing that you are constantly monitoring the premise of your house and any unwanted or weird presence is notified to you instantly. Also, you can see curved sliding doors.  If you haven’t gotten a CCTV Installation Redbridge done for your home, then you must consider getting a CCTV camera soon. It is certainly a necessity of the modern world.

But when you step outside to buy a security camera for yourself, you come to realize that there are so many different types that one is completely unaware of. And this lack of knowledge usually ends up in making the wrong decision for your home.

This is where getting a CCTV Installation Redbridge done for your home ensures peace of mind and great safety for you and your loved ones.

If you don’t have an idea about the different types of CCTV cameras available, then you have stopped by the right place. We have listed the most common types of security cameras that are used in homes these days.

Types of Security Cameras for Homes

Before you call in a CCTV Installation Redbridge service for your home, you need to understand the types of security cameras that exist. And then choose a system that meets your set of requirements.

Dome Security Cameras:

If you are on a budget, the dome security cameras are the best bet. They are extremely cost-effective and they are installed indoors. It is also one of the most basic types of CCTV cameras. And as its name suggests, it is shaped like a dome. However, these are used in the daytime only.

C-Mount Security Cameras:

C-mount cameras are built with advanced technology and come with a detachable lens. You can change the lens according to your changing needs. For example, the standard lens of a c-mount camera covers a distance of 35 or 40 feet maximum. But you can also get advanced lenses, which cover a distance beyond 40 feet too.

Day/Night CCTV Security Camera:

CCTV Installation Redbridge
CCTV Installation Redbridge

The biggest advantage of getting a CCTV Installation Redbridge of day/night security cameras is that they are suitable for all kinds of environments. Whether you have a poorly lit area or a normally lit one; these cameras will do the task really well. It works without infrared illuminators and is able to capture clear video footage both day and night.

This type of security camera is installed for outdoor surveillance. They also have a great dynamic range, so that they function in various conditions like direct sunlight, reflections, and strong backlight, etc.

Infrared or Night CCTV Security Camera:

As the name suggests, this CCTV Installation Chelsea is perfect for nighttime. It has the ability to record in pitch black conditions, with the help of infrared LEDs. Thus, these make an incredible option for outdoor installation. At night, when the light source is zero, these cameras are the best bet.

Wireless Cameras:

Wireless cameras are being used commonly these days. They can be connected to the internet or not, depending on your needs and requirements. Also, all wireless cameras are not IP-based. The biggest perk that these cameras have to offer is their flexibility of installation.


Once you have decided the type of security camera that you want to get in your home, you need to hire professional CCTV Installation Redbridge services to do it for you. Depending on your home’s requirements, you can make a pick for yourself. They all differ in their functionality and features. Thus, make a pick wisely.

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