stereo camera people counter

How to Maintain Mass Traffic & Increase the Performance Store!

In Covid condition, we must obey social distance. If we can not maintain gather mass people, we affected by COVID-19. But How do we maintain mass traffic or people? 

That is a big question! But don’t worry! we can maintain traffic by using the people counter. 3D People Counter gives you basic information to improve your store’s presentation. It can address questions, for example, the number of people who visit your stores each day, and the number of making a buy. It naturally includes continuously the number of people passing under a sound system camera and in which course. 

Data about store traffic can help you. 

  • Examine traffic or client streams and traffic patterns; 
  • Assess the effect of publicizing and advancements; 
  • Improve staff arranging and decide ideal opening times, so you can convey fantastic client support and upgrade worker costs; 
  • Survey the effect of climate on client visits; and 
  • Recognize and reward high-performing stores and representatives. 

When incorporated with a PoS (Point of Sale) framework, it can gather significant data about transformation rates, giving your dependable store information to put together business-basic choices concerning.

However, if we can use the latest model EPC stereo camera people counter, we get lots of benefits. Also, a stereo camera people counter is a gadget that precisely faculties and includes people on foot in numerous conditions and public foundations, especially where you may have thick common traffic and in areas with temperamental lighting. So don’t waste your time setting up a people counter in your store first and improving your business in the Covid pandemic. 

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