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How To Make a Paper Boat

Paper Boat is one of the playing things for most of the kids. When we were little we made the paper boat as a plying thing. But the question is that how to make a real boat? Don’t worry! in the article, we learn how to make an eye-catching paper boat. Let’s read below:

Steps to Make a Paper Boat:

  • Firstly we must take 1 or 2 pieces of paper. 
  • We need to cut out the paper with boat size.
  • After that, we should fold the paper.
  • Lastly, we set those folded paper correctly.

If you set properly, you see you make a great paper boat. Once it’s built then go to a water pot or pond or a river and leave your boat to a river or pond. You see your boat going and going. Hope you will be happier for that you make a great one at your very young age. 



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