How to Remove White Granite Countertops Stains

How to Remove White Granite Countertops Stains

Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops. It has an elegant and natural sheen that makes it stand out from other stones, as well as the strength to last longer than you might expect with some staining here or there—especially if those stains are on white granite where they can take away from its clean look. It’s important to know how best to remove these unwanted marks because having dark brown residue all over your beautiful kitchen floor doesn’t make anyone happy. Also, get marble table top online. 

We’ll go through everything-including what kind of cleaner works best against certain types/colors (natural stainless steel will never do) before giving helpful tips like vacuuming up liquids immediately after use so nothing gets tracked into furnishings underneath. They also make your kitchen look sleek while being dependable in terms of toughness! But no matter how long you’ve had the countertop installed on your flooring-stains will happen sometimes, but don’t worry since this article has all tips about removing them so that life can go back to normal again soon enough.

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How to Remove Stains from Granite | Stone Care International

Stains on White Granite Countertops

What are the best ways to keep your countertops looking new? If you have white granite or other types like sterling quartz countertops unfortunate enough to get stained with an errant juice spill. So, don’t fret! Your counters can still look great if they’re clean. But first, let’s take a closer look at what causes staining in these materials. Also, how do we prevent them from happening again? Stains come down primarily to three common sources – liquids (water/soap), oils (foods like olive oil) acids. So, which include things such as fruit juice; pigmented substances including tea & coffee, etc. all leave behind their respective residue on surfaces made of stone after coming into contact due to chemical’s reaction between its surface properties. 

Makeup with dyes can also result in an unwanted color hue to your beautiful white surfaces; while there is no way for these types of stains to be removed only time helps in its removal over Labor Day Weekend when we Americans usually take our vacations from work! However, if something has been spilled onto hot greasy pans then cleaning up may seem near impossible without professional help (especially during busy times). Spills such as red wine often darken through exposure.

How to Remove White Granite Countertop Stains

For Light Stains or Dirt

Cleaning granite is a simple task that can be accomplished with just water and dish soap. You will need to clean the surface of any dirt or stains from time to Evaluate it right away. But if you have some extra minutes. Before your next activity on this type of countertop go ahead and give these steps a try. First, mop up all liquids using an absorbent towel so they don’t track throughout the home. So, then wet one side in warm/hot tap water barely enough not leaving room temperature fingers. So, while holding opposite sides tightly together (soap should stay above 85 degrees). Dot onto dry cloth lightly applying pressure.

Greasy Films

To clean greasy granite countertops, mix one cup cold water and 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Spray on the surface of your counters until it feels wet then wipe away using unscented soap. Also, water solution to remove any remaining oils or stains from previous meals. So, that has been cooked at high temperatures such as french fries left sitting for too long. Well, before being tossed into enough oil so once again nothing shines through. But just barely discernible hints light up where they meet dark surfaces.

For Tough Stains

Use a paste made from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two ingredients as you would peanut butter to form a thick consistency. So,  that will cover your stain without being too thin or runny. Leave it on for 24 hours before removing any tape holding down edges of plastic wrap. Well, then let the mixture dry completely before wiping away. So, You can repeat this process if necessary. But remember: there’s no harm done if some dirt comes back after one round of cleanups. So don’t feel bad about giving up at the first sign(s)of success.

Prevent Stains with Sealing

If you’re like me, your busy life sometimes gets in the way of attending to stains as soon as they occur. You might not notice a stain or remember that it needs removing before too late. Luckily for us, this can be prevented by applying an environmentally safe sealer before using our granite surfaces. Also, quartz countertops in sterling so we have more time when there’s spilled something on top causing liquid pools. Well, which will buy us some extra precious minutes wiping away those pesky red wine spots from white countertops everywhere.


The best way to keep your white marble countertops looking they are very best is by treating stains as soon as they happen. It’s not just about scrubbing them with a little soap. Also, water before it dries. But also about sealing the surface of the stone. So, that dirt doesn’t have a chance to get in between those natural crevices where it can be difficult to remove. 

That being said, if you do find yourself dealing with tough stains on your once-pristine counters. So, don’t worry – we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves for getting even the toughest grease film off. We hope this article has helped answer any questions you might have had about cleaning or caring for your beautiful new kitchen.

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