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How to Securely Store Your Files in 2022 – Expert’s Guide!

Looking for ways to securely store your files and share them with your family and friends? We’ve got quite some options for you here.

Storing files is a tiring but essential task to make your life easier. Imagine plugging in your hard drive every time to transfer files and make them secure on a physical hard drive that can get damaged or lost. Cloud storage makes your life easier and handy allowing you to view and edit your transfer files online on your mobile device, laptop, or even tablet. You need an internet connection and boom! You have access to all your files.

Google Drive is the best and biggest available platform in the cloud storage market, but at the same time, it is an expensive one. So, aren’t there any good affordable cloud storage services available? Yes, there definitely are. Other than GDrive, Dropbox and pCloud are some more top-rated reliable services.

Pricing of Top Cloud Storage Services:

Privacy & Security: Who is the Best Provider?

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DropBox experienced a security breach in 2016 where millions of accounts’ security was compromised. Since then, many people are doubtful over using DropBox again for their purposes. DropBox is still one of the most popular and used services for cloud storage. 

There is no use of a cloud service where security of data cannot be maintained. To fight against the cyber attacks, Algorithms used for encrypting the data can be AES 128 or 256 AES, the higher the better. The algorithm used by the encryption and decrypted is specified in this document for convenience of reference only. A single public key pair (pair number) which you will use to encrypt an RSA/DSA hash on a message that has been encrypted with each handshake session between two devices connected via their respective bridges: – Device IP address; Device Port(s), MAC Address, Base 64 value. If there are no peers supporting SSL transport at all then TCP connection should be considered as secure but not mandatory because it could mean loss if both device’s ports remain open until complete resumption.

In the scenario of privacy and security, both Google Drive as well as pCloud provide a superior grade of security.

Pricing: Which One is More Value For Money?

The value a cloud storage service provides majorly depends on the price it is being offered at. Almost all the cloud storage services offer their trial plans so that users can evaluate their services before buying it. Google Drive, DropBox, and pCloud, all of these services offer a free plan. 

Google Drive comes with a free 15GB lifetime plan which is used to accommodate all the data on your google account including Gmail, Photos, Documents, and more. Pricing of Google Drive is good and quite affordable but when you look at a longer time frame, you’ll notice that you are paying a high amount for the service. You’ll end up paying about $358 for 200GB plan in 10 Years, whereas you can consider going with services like pCloud which is offering their 500GB lifetime plan at just $125 during their Black Friday Sale. 

DropBox is another expensive cloud storage service. Offerings of DropBox is good and up-to-the standards. But the pricing is too much, it asks you to pay $119.88 Every year for 1 TB plan. So, you’ll end up paying $1198 in 10 years, whereas if you go with pCloud, you can grab their 2TB plan at just $250 for lifetime. You are saving more than 80% on your cloud storage spends. 

Conclusion: Which Cloud Storage Service is Best?

Considering all the big and small factors, we believe that the price as well as the offering plays the most important role in deciding the best service. Google Drive is no doubt the best service if we keep aside the price it comes at. If we talk about who provides a better value for money then it’ll be pCloud without any doubt. You can have it for lifetime at just $125 during the black friday sale.

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