Is It Okay To Use a Fast Charger?

Fast charging is supported by most, if not all, of the current smartphones available in the market including the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Charging speeds are increasing from 7W to 25W, and who doesn’t want to charge their phone in just a matter of minutes?

However, when it comes to quick charging, some customers are still hesitant and skeptical. If you go to any of the famous forums, like Reddit, Quora, or Android Central, you’ll notice that there are a number of threads available online, about rapid charging: Is it dangerous to your battery? Does it reduce the battery life of your phone? Isn’t that bad for the battery?

Further investigation reveals that people are divided when it comes to this topic, some believe ‘yes,’ while others believe ‘no.’

If you are interested in learning more about quick charging technology you can join in the debate of fast charging experience with your favourite beverage and a good snack, and stay until the finish to learn why high-quality fast chargers are worthwhile.

What Might Increase The Deterioration Of a Phone Battery?

This is a great topic to ponder. You would be completely correct if you responded to overloading, discharging, overheating, or high current. Keep up the good work! These three things will dramatically reduce the battery life of your phone faster than anything else.


Overcharging your phone can result in a lot of heat being generated. Non-standard battery chargers can continue to charge the battery after it has reached its maximum capacity, causing irreversible damage to the battery. However, this is not normally a problem if you use the original phone charger. When the battery is fully charged, the power supply disconnects the charging circuit, so that it does not charge the loaded battery anymore.

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The health of all humans, as well as the life of our technology, including phone batteries, is dependent on the environment. When a battery’s temperature rises too much, whether it is due to overcharging/discharging or the outdoor temperature, your phone’s and battery’s performance suffer significantly. When this happens, the battery can even explode or swell up under certain conditions.

High Current

When you use an incompatible power adapter or charge your phone too quickly, you may experience high current. It can result in a short circuit or even an explosion in extreme circumstances. The majority of new batteries today have built-in controls that protect them from serious harm.

Suggestions For Extending The Life Of a Cell Phone Battery

Extreme Temperatures Should Be Avoided

Temperature changes are unpredictable, and one of the greatest reasons for depleting the battery life. You should keep this in mind that exposing an iPhone to high temperatures will almost likely shorten the battery’s life. Keep your phone out of the kitchen when you’re cooking, avoid carrying it outside in hot weather, keep it in the shade while driving, and don’t leave it in your car while it’s hot.

Allowing The Battery To Deplete To 0% Is Not a Good Idea

“I let my smartphone get down to 0% and then charge it back up to 100%.” If you’re doing this, please stop because today’s smartphone batteries operate in a fundamentally different way. Your iPhone’s battery is at its best when its charging is from 20%-80%. Above that, the phone’s performance starts getting malfunctioned.

Your Best Bet Is To Utilise Approved iPhone Chargers

The charger you choose for your smartphone can have a big impact on how well your iPhone’s battery works. A faulty charger or one of poor quality can shorten the life of your battery, degrade its performance, and charge your phone inefficiently.

Yes, rapid charging can affect the life of your phone battery owing to the increased heat generated; but, if you follow the suggestions above, you can extend the life of your phone battery when using a fast charger. All things considered, fast charging is also useful. If you take care of your phone, keep the battery between the recommended levels, and charge it using an authorised charger, it will have a long and healthy life.

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