Local tyrants & evil gentry in China’s medical & health care field

Expose of WangXing peng heists innovationa l achievements from doctors

In January 2022, Chinese government issued 《comprehensive reformation and pilot overall plan about market-based allocation of factors of production》emphasis on“ strengthen and promote the transformation of technical factors into real productive forces”, specific route including “supporting relevant scientific and technological workers in exploring and innovating ways to manage the transformation of scientific and technological achievements”, and “exploring coordinated allocation of innovation resources for major strategic projects, key industrial chains and innovation chains”and son on.

The policy advocates the transformation of scientific research achievements, it is like a spring breeze blowing into the medical & health care field.

Shanghai aspects support these policies introduced of the transformation of scientific researchers’ achievements, and for the power & responsibility of the transformation of medical scientific and technological achievements, it has been gradually delegated to medical& health care institutions, dispel the concerns of doctors at the level of rules.

However, the higher authorities have policies and the localities have their countermeasures. This spring breeze becomes the major opportunities of “Local tyrants & evil gentry”in medical & health care field.

Shanghai shenkang hospital development center is in charge of 38 municipal hospitals, it is also the major supervisor of Shanghai Medical & health care field.

WangXing peng, current position is director of Shanghai shenkang hospital development center. He worked hard to implement the requirements of the plan, Strengthen the bridgehead in the medical & health care field, strive to be the pacesetter of the transformation & reform of medical research productivity in Shanghai.   

However, the facts are not so. The Behind of the vigorous results is a bloody cruel reality. WangXin peng is all-pervasive in the pursuit of interests, he uses the so-called active implementation of national policies to sway public opinion. The “Great Leap Forward” movement was forced to be carried out without an outstanding comprehensive environment for medical & health care research. He calls it by a good name of implementation about Chinese government relevant polices, and do the evil under the cloak of justice makes medical researchers suffer and even have no recourse.

WangXing peng is as the director of Shanghai shenkang hospital development center, he requires the invention patent of medical staff converted into the enterprise equity, to become the equity held by Shenkang, and Squeezing the benefits of doctors’ translational scientific achievements.

He uses affiliates to set the transformational dark route and through Shanghai shenkang hospital development center “stealing” technological achievements, besides, he also takes measures of press up and downward dark way to implement doctors’ achievements to become as somebody who service for WangXing peng personal gain.

This series of actions of his blatantly under the name of policy, all for his personal gain.

WangXing peng is as the top leader in Shanghai medical & health care field, from implement Chinese government planning aspects, every day, he wants to use chances to let his Local tyrants & evil gentry in medical & health care field become stronger and bigger, and then heist doctors’ innovational achievements in   medical treatment rather than think how to make the medical technology help social economy’s development.   

The original intention of policy is let technological personnels become power source of Shanghai innovational center.

However, WangXing peng uses his function and power yet, and artificial setting censorship, and then take advantage of every chance to benefits himself.      

The rights not to expire. The age of WangXing peng is near 60 years old, he will reach Chinese retirement age, but he wants to gain enough economy interests before retirement. At the approaching to retirement of years, he is still constructing his own interest chain by own enterprise resource network.  

The mountain is I open, the tree is I planted, if you want to pass by this, leave money to buy road wealth. This is the real reflection about the stupid doctor who is WangXing peng.

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