How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners

To all beginners out there, we have this informative guide that may help and fully educate you on how to make money with the help of a blog.

So, if you do have a blog, it is time to make money out of it in less time. Giving you a rough idea, you can be monetizing your blog and make money by doing affiliate marketing.

Monetizing your blog content

How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners

One of the foremost simple ways that help and push you to make money is done by monetizing your blog. Under this category, lots of solutions and ways are involved.

As soon as you see that your blog has been fully developed, it means that it is a sign that you should be monetizing it.

In addition, creating a blog and monetizing it is one of the smart ways to make 100 dollars a day.

Start doing Affiliate Marketing on your blog:

You can create a kind of blog that works on the concept of affiliate marketing.

For the information, affiliate marketing is done when you suggest a product to another person, he buys that product and you get a small amount of commission in return.

In addition, you have to insert the product links on your blog and when the user clicks on those product links and makes a purchase, this practice helps you in monetizing your blog.

Approve your blog from Google AdSense and earn money:

It is best to approve your blog from Google AdSense!

The minute it gets approval from Google AdSense, you start getting a suitable amount of earnings from your blog.

Moreover, on monetizing your blog, Google will display ads on your blog as well. These ads are given the name of CPC ads.

Using WordPress Advertising Plugin and start selling Ads Directly:

You can implement the idea of using the WordPress advertising plugin and make sure to sell ads as well.

This is how to make money by blogging!

Then click on the ads will decide your total earnings. Lots of people and beginner-level bloggers have found this idea one of the lucrative ideas for making money.

Selling Sponsored Blog Posts:

If you think that selling sponsored blog posts will help you earn money, then you are right.

If you are not interested in displaying ads on your blog or you no longer feel interested in earning through clicking on the ads, then try out this tip.

On selling the sponsored blog posts, you can instantly monetize your blog. Keep in mind that with the presence of ad networks, the blogger loses some kind of control over his blog content.

For the reason that he prefers to follow the path of selling out the sponsored posts!

Earn by Writing Reviews:

Making money with a blog now seems possible. You can do that by writing reviews as well. These tips work in a way likewise you sell the sponsored blog posts.

If you will go with the option of writing paid reviews, then your blog will surely get monetized. Here you will be trying out new products and writing reviews for them.

Make sure that you review those products that are relevant to your niche. If you have a beauty blog and you are reviewing some electronic product, then audience and traffic will not come on your blog.

Flipping the Blogs and Websites:

The last option available for the beginner-level bloggers that may guide them in making money!

They can do that by flipping their websites. If you have complete knowledge on how to create and make a WordPress website, then create one such website and flip it later on.

Good rates are offered to the established websites once they get flipped.

In addition, you can even create a WordPress blog and flip it once it starts to get traffic on it.

Before you follow this tip, you should collect proper knowledge regarding what kind of blogs and websites are in demand these days and what price you should charge for them, and what is the proper way to sell them.


We just hope that this guide has given you enough information on how to make money with a blog. If you have a blog and you have monetized it as well, then let us know your reviews and experience for sure.

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