Medical Marijuana Dispensary opens the door to the lower box

A new type of business has opened in Bensalem. Boasting a modern couch and a comfortable environment, this is not exactly a doctor’s office. But with its onsite pharmacist, it’s not a spa either.

The latest arrival at 4201 Neshaminy Blvd., directly from Neshaminy Mall, Liberty Cannabis, a Fl marijuana dispensary that started welcoming patients on Monday, November 12. This location joins Liberty’s two additional Pennsylvania dispensaries in Norristown and Philadelphia.

According to Pennsylvania Marketing Manager Steve Harrell, Liberty’s mission is to enhance the experience of medical marijuana. Although many dispensaries offer a sterile, hospital environment, Liberty is different. It’s bright and welcome.

When a patient enters, they are greeted by a doorman who scans their medical marijuana dispensary fl patient card to confirm that they are a registered patient. After that, they are able to relax in one of the several couches while browsing a wellness guide, which explains each of the products offered. The patient then consults a staff pharmacist, who fulfills the order and brings it to them.

Liberty in Newcastle, Lawrence County, is organized in an easy way to follow the products of the privately produced. Customers can choose between three strains — Sativa, which is the most advanced; indica, which acts as a sedative; Or hybrid, which is a cross between the two.

On the floor of Liberty, the strains are classified into five categories — vitality, all of which are sativa; Transparency, a Sativa hybrid that has some indicia effects; Harmony, a perfect balance of both; Prashanti, an Indica hybrid that has some Sativa effects; And purity, which helps all India and people to sleep, calm down and relax.

“So you wake up, both types, and then go to sleep,” Harrell said. “It’s easy when people come.”

For example, if someone wants a strain that doesn’t make them feel drowsy during the day, the pharmacist will point them to vitality or clarity. Meanwhile, if a person needs help with sleep or suffers from unstable leg syndrome, they will be directed towards calmness and serenity.

So who are the customers of Liberty?

“Right now in Pennsylvania, it’s a little over 20 eligibility requirements. We see people of all ages, sizes and shapes, you name it,” said Harrell, who has his own medical marijuana patient card. He got one after suffering chronic back pain after a bad car accident.

“It’s physical therapy and vicodin. Doctors are trained to do it and it’s something I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to take pills,” Harrell said. “So we’re going to see people who are trying to get out of opioids. We’re going to see people who are cancer patients who are looking for something different in their chemotherapy treatment. In terms of eligibility, it’s really across the board.”

In Liberty, customers can easily walk while open.

“That’s the beauty of it. We always have an on-staff pharmacist everywhere, so there’s no need to make an appointment right now,” said Harrell. “Just come in.”

For the first time patients will need to fill out a new patient acceptance form, which will ask them to provide basic information and list their eligibility conditions.

“It helps to prepare conversations with pharmacists so that they know what they are looking for. They can recommend specific strains or specific products that we carry,” Harrell said.

Pharmacists will not only determine the correct strain, they will suggest the most beneficial form. Liberty’s products are offered in a variety of ways, including vap cartridges, lotions, edible in pill form (it is not yet permitted to sell food) and tinctures that can be put on the tongue or in drinks.

For Harrell, a highlight of Liberty’s services is its website, which has a product menu that is updated every hour.

“You’ve heard it a lot where, oh I checked the menu but it wasn’t updated, or I saw the menu and I came and you were out of a product,” he said. “We are patient-first and art is still in its infancy, so it is a learning process for everyone. But one of the first things I started working on was creating what we called live menus. So if people go to our website and they click on the Bensalem menu, they will actually see what we have in store right now. And if you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. ”

So far, Liberty has received positive feedback from the community during its first few weeks of operation. According to Harrell, there was a significant need in the area for something like this.

“It’s hard to get close to people, as you can imagine. So even though we have a location about 15-20 minutes from here, it can still be difficult, “said Harrell. Has done. “

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