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10 Common Habits That You Should Avoid To Not Let Ruin Your iPhone Battery Life

An older phone means that you might soon need an iPhone battery replacement. As iPhone battery life decreases overtime and this is more common in the older smartphones. However, there are some things that can be avoided if you want to save your battery. Explained below are some of the common habits that are probably ruining your iPhone battery life and you should get rid of them as soon as you can instead of buying a whole new phone.

1. Searching For Signal

A low signal area is probably one of the most common issues that affects your iPhone battery life. In order to prevent this issue, you can turn off your Wi-Fi unless you are connected to your network and go to a place where there are normal signals. Airplane mode works very well when there isn’t enough signal for your data to work anyway. You should only turn on the data or Wi-Fi when you are at a good signal place.

2. Too Many Notifications

Constant notifications are also one of the calls to wear down your iPhone battery health. You should only leave notifications on for the things you generally need to be notified about otherwise you should turn them off for social apps. This will affect your phone battery life in a good way when you will stop getting notified about every single thing.

3. Brightness

The auto brightness feature in smartphones is for a reason. This feature keeps your screen Brazil while also saves your battery and keeps you from iPhone battery replacement. If the screen of your iPhone is super bright all the time it will cause serious battery wear.

4. Not Using Low Power Mode

Low power mode is also there for a reason. It allows your phone battery to adjust itself according to the percentage it is on and prevents it from getting damaged. In case you are having extreme battery issues, head over to any nearest cell phone repair shop to get them fixed.

5. Extreme Temperatures

When we talk about damage, exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures is also very damaging for Phone battery health. If you put your phone in a freezer or let it overheat, then you should expect to replace the battery of your smartphone really soon.

6. Constantly Quitting Apps

Constantly quitting apps mean that your phone is taking battery too much. Repeating actions like that can damage the battery life of your smartphone. You can simply leave the apps open while you use them instead of closing them and opening them again and again as it takes a great toll on your battery life.

7. Using Data When WiFi is Available

Wi-Fi has been proven to be better for your battery than data. Wi-Fi is cheaper in most cases and it does not drain your battery as much as mobile data does. So, you should always try to use Wi-Fi when it is available instead of a data connection.

8. Charging When The Battery is Full

When you are done, charging your smartphone you should unplug your phone will stop keeping it plugged into the charger after getting 100% can damage the battery life. That is why it is always suggested that you charge your smartphone during the day instead of doing it overnight where there is a danger of you sleeping and leaving your phone plugged in for hours.

9. Letting Your Phone die

Align your phone to die all the way down to zero is also not good for the battery. This affects your smartphone’s battery worse than charging it past 100%. You should avoid this habit if you want to keep the battery in good shape and plug your phone in when it is almost 40% charged.

10. Keeping Unnecessary Apps

Keeping unnecessary apps also leads to battery drainage. Do not leave such apps in the smartphone that you do not use as they take a lot of battery power. This means that keeping your storage under control helps with the battery life of an iPhone and does not let it wear out soon.


Explained above are all the unnecessary habits that you should avoid if you want your battery to sustain for a long time.

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