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Parents mistakes that lead to low confidence in children

Confidence is a skill that is important for everyone, whether it be a child or an adult, a man or a woman. Confidence is a life skill that has a profound impact on the quality of your life.

Since confidence is closely linked to self-esteem, children who suffer from low self-worth are then more likely to also have problems being confident. Naturally, when they themselves are not sold on their skills, they will hardly be able to exude surety.

In this regard, parents have an important role to play. Children themselves are not aware of their flaws; they are without any inhibitions, with the world as their oyster. It is the parents who cause them to become less self-assured.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, parents take away the confidence of their child, which not only has an impact on their emotional health, but the resultant stress and anxiety also leads to impaired physical health, meriting help of a Pediatrician in Karachi then.

Some ways in which parents erode at their child’s confidence include:

Comparison with others

You might be comparing your child with their peers, siblings, or other people, and that can lead to your child feeling inadequate. They already take too much pressure from their peers and social media, without you adding more of your own.

Corporal punishments

Many parents spank and hit their children to discipline them, which is an extremely problematic notion. Corporal punishment can cause development of fear in the child.

They are then afraid of making any mistake, as it leads to grave consequences then, naturally impairing their confidence levels. Moreover, violence also decreases the self-esteem of the child, who internalizes the notion that they are worthless and ware without any talents.

Helicopter parenting

If you keep your child in a bubble, they will miss out on opportunities that could have made them more confident in themselves. They will be always then dependent on you, rather than trusting themselves.

Humiliating then on making a mistakes

Mistakes are a learning opportunity, but unfortunately, many parents don’t perceive them so. They humiliate their child when they end up making a mistake, which cause them then to suffer from low self-esteem. Their confidence in their own abilities reduces, as their sense of failure sets in.


Parents who only give praise when their child gets the perfect grade or award are reinforcing wrong concepts in their child, as then, children measure their worth in terms of their achievements, and any failure is a great blow to their self-worth and hence, confidence.

Love should not be conditional. Moreover, it is the effort that needs to be praised, not just the result.

Too much pampering

When you pamper your child too much, you are doing a disservice to them, because when they do have to do things on their own, they mostly aren’t able to. Failure then causes their confidence levels to suffer.

Word of advice

It is never too late to fix your attitude. Perhaps you didn’t realize the impact of your words on your child, or perhaps you thought they’d have a better influence on your child, regardless, you must make amends.

Change your behavior and parenting style. Try to undo the damage that you have caused to your child. Otherwise, their low confidence might also then follow them through their adulthood, which also has implications not only on their wellbeing, but their quality of life as well.

If, however, you aren’t guilty of use of any such language, and still your child suffers from low self-esteem, try to get to the bottom of it. Maybe it is because of some physical problems, which you can have resolved with the aid of the Best Child Specialist in Lahore, or perhaps its problems like bullying, which can be remedied with the aid of a counselor and interventions by the school.

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