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PDF Converter in India: Best PDF to Word Converter Online

In today’s technological era, we have a lot of documents in PDF format. We use Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other similar application to read these documents. Many times, we need to edit a PDF file, but we are not able to do it. To edit a PDF file give link, we must subscribe to the paid version of Acrobat Reader. Its subscription is quite expensive. Taking a subscription of Rs 1014 per month to edit just one file cannot be called a prudent decision.

If you follow some simple steps, you can edit your PDF files without Adobe Acrobat. To edit, follow the steps-

  • Upload your PDF file in Google Drive.
  • Right click on your file in Google Drive.
  • Select the option to open it with Google Docs.
  • Edit and save it again on your device in Word or any other file format.

However, in adopting this method, you must keep some things in mind. This method is appropriate for PDF files that contain only text. If you are editing a form, then it is very likely that some fields in it are missed after editing. Also, if there is an image or decorative text in your PDF file, it will also disappear after editing it.

There are various PDF converters available online that you can use to convert it into word file.

Investintech Free Online PDF to Word Converter

Investintech Free Online PDF to Word Converter supports Windows, Linux, and macOS browser and helps in converting PDF files with no limitations. It is free and maintains original format. The other feature of this converter includes saving and preserving the texts as well as images. It is not required to create an account or submit an email ID on this PDF converter. The process of converting a PDF file into a Word file is very simple. Open the website on your browser. You will see an option of Upload your PDF File. The next step says download the converted DOCX file.

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