Research Shows that YouTube Comments Help Videos Rank – Tips to Be More Effective

Many businesses are investing in video to connect with their customers more naturally. Businesses are uploading videos on YouTube to show the world their stories, products, and services. After all, the more authentic your content is the better viewers will respond to it. To get the most out of your videos, you should also focus on how viewers react to them. While some viewers may not even notice your video, others may comment or share your video to help it rank higher in search results. In this blog post, we cover some helpful insights on how YouTube comments can help videos rank better: What research says about using YouTube commenting features to improve your videos’ success. How else could you use this knowledge to increase the impact of your videos? Are you ready to read our blog and learn 10 new strategies that can have a bigger impact than you think? Let’s begin!

What Research Says About Using YouTube Comments to Rank Videos Higher

In a study conducted by Foursquare, it was found that only 6% of people who look up information online also comment on videos. So most people are only seeing your content, not “talking back” to it. This can be incredibly frustrating for businesses that want to expand their reach and connect with customers in a more personal way. To get the most out of your video marketing efforts, you should use YouTube comments to help your videos rank better in search results. People leave comments on videos for many different reasons. You can use these comments to your advantage to boost your videos’ SEO success. By analyzing the comments on your videos, you can find out what topics are most popular and tap into these to provide more information and expand your audience.

How Comments on YouTube Can Help Videos Rank Better

In addition to providing valuable information about your business, YouTube comments can help your videos rank better in search results. First, by understanding what topics are popular among your target audience, you’ll be better equipped to provide more information to potential customers. By learning what your audience is curious about, you can provide more value, expand your reach and build a stronger relationship with your customers. Secondly, comments on YouTube are indexed by search engines, so you can use them to help your videos rank.

How to Use Comments to Increase Video Success

Before diving into real-life examples of how to use comments to improve your videos’ SEO performance, let’s take a step back and talk about why comments are so important in the first place. Why are comments on videos so important? Because they are one of the few ways for viewers to connect with your brand and leave their feedback. Now that we’ve talked about why comments are so important, let’s dive into some strategies that you can use to boost their impact and help your videos rank better. 

·         Make Yourself More Realistic Realistic and human videos get more comments than unrealistic videos. Keeping your videos realistic and relatable will help you create a more authentic brand. This will also help increase the chances of comments staying up and gaining more views. 

·         Address Common Questions or Topics If there are certain topics you are frequently answering, comments are a great way to gather more insights about your products, services, or information. Using comments to address common questions and topics can help your videos rank better. This could be as simple as saying something along the lines of “please help me with X problem” instead of “what problem do you have?” This type of information is important to help you expand your audience and get more leads. 

·         Use the Right Keywords and Phrases Search engines rely heavily on the words and phrases that are used in your YouTube comments. If you are using keywords and phrases that don’t match the context of your video, it can hurt your video’s SEO performance. Before you begin writing your comments, write out the keywords and phrases that you want to use. This will help you keep your comments relevant and focused.

Buy YouTube Comments

You can also buy YouTube comments to boost your video rank. In most cases, this will cost you between $1.50 and $4.50. With the right strategy, you can use this service to boost your videos’ rank and increase the number of viewers.

Strategy for Increasing Your Videos’ Search Engine Performance

Now that you know what research says about using YouTube comments to rank videos, let’s talk about what you can do to improve your videos’ SEO performance. 

– Use Keywords in the Title and Description Both the title and description of your video are important places to use keywords. Using keywords in the video’s title is the most important way to improve your video’s SEO. This is where the search engines will see your video and store the information in their index.

Use Keywords in the Subtitle as Well

If the title of your video isn’t long enough to include all the keywords you want to use, you can also use them in the subtitles. Keywords in subtitles can appear as a phrase or a word and are still indexed by search engines. – Use Keywords in the Video Title and Description You can also use words and phrases in the video’s description. The description is an important place to use keywords, which can be boosted by YouTube’s automatic synonym detection. 

– Use Keywords in Your Video Keywords Lastly, make sure to use keywords in any synonyms you use in your video. For example, if you say “shopping,” you should also say “products.”


With over 1 billion hours of video being watched on YouTube every month, it’s important to consider how you can use YouTube comments to help your videos rank better. YouTube comments can be used to gather valuable insights and address common questions about your products or services. They can also be used to tap into the topics your target audience is most curious about. Now that you know what research says about using YouTube comments to rank videos, let’s review 10 strategies that you can use to improve the impact of your YouTube comments.

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