Robin Christensen-Roussimoff

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, daughter of Andre the Giant, is revered among wrestling fans as an iconic figure. She has made public appearances to remember him, while serving as an ambassador for acromegaly awareness campaigns.

Unfortunately, her relationship with her father was difficult; she only met him five times prior to his passing in 1993. Still, WWE pays royalties whenever his likeness is used or associated with any show or product.

Who is Robin Christensen-Roussimoff?

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is Andre the Giant’s daughter. Born in 1979 and growing up both in France and the US, she currently resides in Seattle, Washington USA as an actress/wrestler/actress.

Robin has taken an active role in upholding her father’s legacy. She has attended multiple events and worked on documentary films about him; additionally she regularly attends Comic Con to promote his works.

Although her relationship with Robin’s father was tenuous during his lifetime, they now share a close connection. Robin has reached out to some of his old wrestling colleagues in order to gain more insight into who he is as a person and treasures memories of childhood spent with both. She is very protective of her privacy; thus far she does not possess any social media accounts of her own.

What is her net worth?

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff’s estimated net worth is roughly $10 Million, having received her fortune as an inheritance from Andre Roussimoff (aka The Giant). Her father earned millions during his wrestling career and at times was considered one of the highest-paying wrestling professionals globally.

After his death in 1993, a significant portion of his fortune was left to his daughter and she has utilized this gift for various pursuits such as wrestling and acting – as well as working on documentaries about her father’s life.

She is an unafraid, confident woman who pursues her own goals without hesitation. Additionally, she’s an advocate for children’s rights as she works to raise awareness for acromegaly (a condition which affects growth hormone). Furthermore, she’s made several public appearances to honor the legacy of her late father – often being recognized for the striking resemblance between herself and him.

What is her relationship with her father?

Andre the Giant was widely known for his professional wrestling and acting careers, but he also had a daughter: Robin Christensen-Roussimoff was born during the early 1970s to parents Andre the Giant and Jean Christensen and she only ever saw him briefly due to Andre’s professional travel schedule; her mother worked in public relations in the wrestling world where her daughter worked. Unfortunately for Robin though, this meant her relationship with both parents dwindled over time due to Andre often leaving home due to professional commitments – she only met her father a handful of times during her childhood years!

Robin eventually began making an effort to connect with those who knew her father personally; one such connection she managed to make was with actor Cary Elwes who co-starred with Robin in The Princess Bride film.

Robin quickly formed an unlikely bond with Andre, and has used their connection to raise awareness for acromegaly – the condition her father suffered from. Now living in Seattle, Robin strives to keep his memory alive.

Who is her mother?

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is well known among wrestling fans as Andre Roussimoff’s daughter, having made multiple documentaries about him and appearing onscreen in Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven on television.

She is an accomplished artist, often creating sculptures to explore themes like identity and mortality. Her artwork has been showcased at galleries worldwide.

Her mother is Jean Christensen, a former model who began working in public relations for wrestling during Andre’s tour to promote his show in the 1970s. They first met each other when traveling was involved.

At some point, Jean and Andre began dating and engaging in sexual encounters, though Jean believed he was sterile and was surprised to learn she had given birth with him. They have not spoken openly about their relationship since and appear not married; Jean currently resides in Seattle while working as an advocate for her late father’s legacy – appearing on interviews and working closely with writers and producers to keep his memory alive.

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