Shopping Tips to Save at No Frills

You can postpone any shopping, but groceries can never be delayed. Therefore, keeping the grocery stock updated at your home is important. Grocery indeed costs less, but an equally true statement that we all would agree to is that non-planned grocery shopping results in spending more than your budget and buying things that you do not need.

No Frills is a go-to store for people to buy various things from groceries to hair care, personal hygiene, and more. Although they have minimal costs on products, using the following tips and tricks, you can save big on your grocery shopping at the No Frills store.

You can find No Frill stores in almost every state in the U.S. For example, if you stay in Illinois, you can search for ‘shopping malls in Illinois,’ and the nearest shopping mall will have a No-Frills store in it.

Read on to know more about saving money on shopping at the no Frills store.

Determine a Grocery Budget

Before going out shopping for your grocery, you must check the current grocery and make a list of all that you need. Do not go by assumption; you will end up buying more than you need. In addition to this, you should review your bank statement to check how much you spend on your groceries every month.

While reviewing the statement, check that the expenses are more on wants or needs. Then, it is an easier way to depict your budget and shop accordingly. Another way to budget your grocery shopping is to follow the 10-15% rule. It states that every household should spend around 10-15% of its monthly gross household income.

Weekly Ads and Flyers

No Frills Flyers are weekly, biweekly, and monthly for customers to check and utilize them to save money. You can use the no-frills to match your grocery list and find out all the things on discounts. Such flyers and weekly ads increase the customer base and help them buy groceries at lower prices.

You can find the flyers in both offline and online modes. Stores run several other coupons and discounts; always keep a close check on them. You can subscribe to the store loyalty program to receive any discounts and ongoing sales updates.

Price Matching

Every No Frill tore follows the price match policy. The price match policy allows every new, old, regular, and occasional shopper to match the prices of all the items they need. It might need a little research and time to find items of need.

You can come to the store in price match and tell the store about the lower price that you are getting for the same item at another store. It can be both online and offline. Under this policy, the store will lower the price for you. The only condition is that you should have a proof for your claim. Many people make use of this policy and save bucks on their shopping bills.

Fresh or Frozen Food

It is invariably a good idea to buy fresh fruits and vegetables rather than buy frozen food. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are available in abundance.

Therefore, they are cheaper. In addition, it is best to pick the vegetables and fruits locally harvested in your area because then the prices are even lower and help you save big on your grocery shopping.

While in some areas, frozen food is the only choice given the temperature, weather conditions, and more, you should buy frozen. In addition, if you find any fresh fruits and vegetables no fresher, then frozen food s your go-to solution.

Final Words

Grocery shopping is commonly done unplanned. However, that leads to excess expenditure on unnecessary things. Therefore, it is suggested to plan, budget, and make a list of your grocery items.

Doing it twice or thrice will start the grocery cycle at your home, and you will get an idea of how long your grocery lasts. It is recommended to check on all the food that gets wasted because you do not use it or it expires before you use it. It will help you buy groceries more cautiously the next time.


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