Simple ways to get more customer reviews for your tour business

Customer reviews are a vital part of business growth strategy. According to studies, more than fifty percent of participants wouldn’t proceed to booking until they read the customer reviews or testimonials.  

Almost every tour business collaborates with the TripAdvisor, did you? 

A couple of years ago, TripAdvisor modified their algorithm to rank the tour operators. The new ranking system considers the type (positive or negative), number, and recency of reviews.  

Therefore, you need a greater number of good reviews that are posted regularly. 

How to make sure your business gets more reviews regularly? 

In this article, we will discuss some simple tips to get more customer reviews. 


Send emails or message within twelve hours of their trip 

It is highly recommended to send a follow-up email to your customers within twelve hours of their trip to make sure they had a good experience with your service and ask for their review. 

If you take longer than this, there is high chance that they forget the beautiful experiences they had in their trip with you. 

While crafting an email you should keep it simple and personal. One of the best ways could be to add an image of theirs to your email content. 

In the case of corporate customers, you can send emails to everyone asking about their experience. If they have not provided their email address and you know their full name and where they work, you can use, an email extractor to locate the correct email addresses. 

A glimpse of – An email extractor 

This is a highly used email finder tool by marketers in email campaigns. It comes with a free plan that’s worth giving a try.  

Ask for reviews during the tour 

It is best to ask your customers to post their reviews online while the tour is still on. Because at this time, their tour experience will be fresh in their mind, there is a high chance that they describe their experience elaborately.   

Create your presence on review platforms 

Do not limit your online presence to one or two platforms.  

You need to do research to find out where your target audience are located and what are the sites, they mostly surf to check reviews. 

Some of the popular sites are Klook, Airbnb, Viator, etc. 

It just requires businesses to use common sense to identify where users will check about their company.  

Where would you look for? Probably – social media platforms, marketplaces, Google my business page, company’s website, and other popular review websites. 

Therefore, you need to encourage your customers to share their feedback, happy experience with you in these platforms.  

Appreciate your guides 

When was the last time you had a talk with your guides or appreciated them for the great work they are doing? 

If you don’t remember, or you think there is no such thing that ever happened, then it is going to be troublesome for you in the long run. 

Your tour guides are the representatives of your business and the way they treat your customers could make or break your brand reputation.  

You can encourage your tour guides by appreciating even the little things they do towards business growth. And tell them how they are adding value to your business. 

Your tour guide should introduce themselves and get familiar with their group. At the end of the trip, they should successfully establish a good bond with the customers that they should come forward by themselves to share a review about their good experience. 

You can even give incentives to your guides based on their performance.  

Final thoughts 

The approaches shared in this article will surely help you to get reviews from your customers. And when you receive reviews, make sure you appreciate your customers for their time. 

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