Smartphones of 2021

Some Of The Most Anticipated Smartphones Of 2021

Various things might have slowed and stopped because of the pandemic, but it didn’t prevent the tech world from expanding and pumping out really stellar smartphones. This happened because people were relying completely on social media and technology in the pandemic when everything around was closed.

In 2021 those trends flooded the tech market. There were rumors about several phones being launched in the year. Almost every smartphone that will get launched will have 5G support in it. Almost every smartphone that will get launched will have 5G support in it and amazing features at a very reasonable price. People are hoping to see some really distinctive designs as well in the coming smartphones. Keeping all this in mind if you are planning to upgrade your smartphone this year, here are all the big phones listed that are rumored to be launched in this year.

Explained below are some of the smartphones that are about to get launched in 2021 let us have a look at them.

Apple iPhone 13

Like every year, iPhone 13 will get launched by Apple in 2021. IPhone 12 was launched just a few months back and there are already a lot of leaks and rumors about what customers should expect from the upcoming model. Along with a small size,  Matte backing is rumoured to be in iPhone 13. Keeping in view the iPhone 12’s aesthetic, it is necessary for the iPhone 13 to be smaller and more grippier than the previous one. Like iPhone 12 pro Max, iPhone 13 will also have sensor shift optical image stabilization with an improved ultra-wide camera and added astrophotography smarts as well. It was expected that 120 Hertz screen refresh rate will come in iPhone 12 but it didn’t show up so let’s hope it shows up on the iPhone 13. People are talking that it will have a storage option of almost 1TB which is too much for you to save anything you want. Apple normally releases its model in September but due to the pandemic the previous one was pushed to October. IPhone 13 is also expected to be in the market somewhere around autumn this year.

Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei is always expected to roll out a new P series model in this spring. There have been many rumors and leaks about the P50 pro but it is coming late in the market. There is expected to be an eye-popping camera module on the back of the smartphone. It will be like a supersized version or for the usual double stack module with two extra-large circles. The concept renders however did not show any details but it is suspected that the model will have more than one camera. The predecessor of this smartphone P40 pro had four rear cameras so having just two on the successor would be surprising. Let’s see what Huawei has to offer.

Another League suggested that a camera sensor is also expected to be in this new model. There will be a 9005 G processor and great camera as well but these are all just rumors right now that we do not know how much they are. The lovers of the smartphone are anxiously waiting for this model.

Google Pixel 5a

When Google launched its smartphones pixel 4a, pixel 4a 5G, and pixel 5, all in a year people got really confused. People are going to be more perplexed with the humoredly of the pixel 5A. The concept renders have not gathered any substantial leaks about this smartphone but it is expected that Google will launch its new smartphone somewhere in this year.

Samsung galaxy Z Fold 3

With this pen stylus support Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold three is the more talked about phone in the marketplace. It is Said that the phone will be a huge tablet sized model and will be a foldable one. There is some of the borrowing of Galaxy S 21’s design along with the S Pen and slot in this smartphone. It is also expected that the smartphone will have an under-display camera and it will release somewhere around June or July. 120 Hertz screen refresh rate is also expected to be in the smartphone. Samsung is also rumored to be preparing for a more affordable folding phone for 2021 which is expected to be Galaxy Z fold Fe. It will be a budget friendly phone with the features of Galaxy Z fold 3. However, there is not much talk about the Fe version but the market is flooded with a lot of rumors about Galaxy Z Fold 3.


These are some of the most anticipated smartphones of the year 2021. If you are expecting to spend money and buy something with good features then wait for these models this year and you will get the best of technology in the form of these smartphones.

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