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Some Of The Features That Androids Have But Apple Phones Do Not!

It has been ages since the debate between Apple and Android could not be controlled. The users keep fighting over which is a better product. These days almost all cell phones have the same hardwares. Android however, has tried to expand its inter-device features so they can catch up to Apple’s ease of use features. This race is now closer than it was ever. It’s just a matter of choosing the device that you think suits best to your needs.

Explained below are some of the features that are Android specific and you can’t find them in Apple smartphones.

Guest Account

With the help of this feature, sharing your smartphone with others is stress-free. You can use the Guest Account feature and limit all the data on your smartphone before lending it to someone. You can maintain your privacy and people would not be able to get to know more than what you want them to know. With this feature, none of the accounts will be logged in and your data will stay safe as the ones using it will only be able to access default apps on the Android OS.

This feature is really handy for the parents who do not want their kids to watch Youtube videos or text/call anyone when they have a smartphone. Other slip-ups and unintentional store purchases can also be easily avoided with the help of this feature. Now you would not have to worry about your smartphone.

Storage Upgrades

Storage is probably the biggest disadvantage that Android products have over Apple products. The way we have started depending on smartphones has completely revolutionized our lives. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and so it is really important to have additional storage. In iOS the phones have more storage but no options of increasing the storage. However, in androids there is the option of additional storage by purchasing a micro SD card. With the help of an SD card, you can also transfer the data to another smartphone.

Choice Of File Managers

Android smartphones also give you the flexibility to choose a file management system for yourself. There are plenty of apps available on playstore that help you to solve your needs and give your smartphone a minimalist look as well. There are various other file managers that are loaded with features, organization options, and customization. It is just a matter of choice, you can choose what works best for you and how you use your phone. The phone does not let you get locked in the default Android system. It is an amazing feature for anyone who likes to keep a lot of data on their phone for a wide range of applications. For example, you can make folders for different pictures and sort them accordingly.

Home Screen Customization

Android has several other features that make it easy to customize your smartphone. Android users can use widgets to quickly customize and easily sort things at a place so it can get easy to access the information from applications. One can also use widgets to display your local weather on your home screen or even the latest headlines. You will just have to press and hold the home screen to access the widgets. Apart from widgets, there are several other Android launcher apps that you can use to completely change the appearance of your home screen.

Isn’t it amazing?


Explained above are all of the features that are distinct and found in Android phones but not in Apple smartphones. These features are what make the Android smartphones different from the Apple phones. Latest Android phones have several other features that you can enjoy and are not found in Apple phones. You can pick and choose by keeping all the features in front of you and then decide if you want to buy an Apple smartphone or an Android one. Whatever you choose, make sure that you choose what suits best to your needs!

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