Songs by Ruth are uplifting Songs to encourage women

The songwriter encourages women to win the world over by being their authentic self beyond the asthetic that is being promoted today.

In one of her singles and there are several she speaks of little girls being princesses and the song transitions to her encouraging girls to do whatever they want to. Whether that is by living their truth or letting their scars be visible.

Women spends alot of time looking in the mirror, yet, Songs by Ruth suggests that the mirror is not a friend. If it were it would tell us, that women can do great things, and they don’t need the authentication from the world.

All in all when it comes to the standard that women has live by for centuries, in Go Girl Go, Songs by Ruth is asking women to not feel pressured to abide by those rules.

In another single The brave, she refers to the strength that Malala had and her recovery. In this song she sees life as a platform where we all learn to perform. In her vision an award winning performance, woman are brave and strong. Taking the stage requires deep dedication and will to get from enduring suffering to being on a world stage. Songs by Ruth speaks to the oppressed, the down and out, individuals who think their situation is hopeless. Her goal is to say there’s hope and these might not be hit Songs but they are Songs of compassion and that makes the Songwriter’s intent deserving. Give Songs by Ruth a listen.

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