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Star Swim Schools recognizes that quality swimming education is crucial to your children, which is why they provide top-quality lessons with smaller groups led by expert instructors and heated pools to allow your kid to learn in an environment without risk of colds or viruses.

Small Groups

With our small class sizes, your child will receive personalized attention as well as quality training from our professional instructors. Class sizes will depend on their age and level placement following a free assessment, while lessons run all year-round – 49 weeks per year so there will surely be one to fit into your schedule. Having access to swimming lessons close by makes it easier for parents to commit regularly in helping their child develop water skills quickly!

Swimming classes Cranbourne provides an accessible, enjoyable learning-to-swim experience at an unbeatably reasonable cost with some of the industry’s most talented instructors.

Heated Pools

Star Swim Schools provide heated indoor pools that allow students to train all year round, without fear of illness and missing lessons due to cold weather. Not only can kids become more familiar with swimming in warm waters and build confidence more quickly but it also allows for an easier learning environment in which children can absorb lessons effectively.

As numerous regional swim schools must close during this lockdown period, it’s vitally important that our community rally behind these businesses that rely on learn to swim programs to generate income streams and reopen. Without them, swimming pool businesses would likely go under and children may go without swimming lessons during school terms or altogether.

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Fun & Developmentally Befitting

At Swimming lessons Cranbourne, we understand that learning to swim is a priceless life skill and integral component of children’s growth and development. Our Learn to Swim kids program gives your children access to year-round swimming lessons so they can advance quickly through levels. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your child will experience an enjoyable learning-to-swim journey!

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Is Swimming Beneficial For Kids and Adults?

Swimming is an ideal low-impact activity to provide an all-body workout, build strength, and burn calories – especially beneficial for children or adults with joint pain or arthritis.

Swimming can help children build stronger minds as they work to perfect their strokes and reach personal bests. Studies show that children who regularly swim have vocabulary growth 11 months ahead of their non-swimmer counterparts.

Cardiovascular System

Swimming can be an amazing cardio workout for kids and adults of all ages, burning more calories than running at five miles per hour! Additionally, this full-body activity helps improve joint health while decreasing inflammation.

Swimming well requires hard work and dedication from children who wish to expand their abilities and increase competition in this sport. Swimming can teach kids the importance of setting and meeting their goals, which will serve them well throughout life.

Swimming is an affordable activity that most families can enjoy together, whether at local pools, parks or recreational centres. Swimming can provide an engaging way for you and your child to develop positive associations with water while at the same time supporting cardiovascular and circulatory health by increasing efficient blood flow to muscles; especially helpful if they suffer from edema or poor circulation in their feet or legs.

Strengthens Muscles

Swimming’s repetitive motions are excellent for building lean, defined muscle. Since human bodies are 90% buoyant in water, swimming requires far fewer joint stresses compared to weight-bearing exercises such as running or jumping; making it an excellent solution for kids with joint issues, injuries or pain concerns.

Swimming also helps strengthen tendons and ligaments, making bones more resistant against injuries. As it works both the upper- and lower-body simultaneously, swimming helps build stronger leg and arm muscles.

Regular swimming can also help preserve proprioceptive ability – the body’s sense of its position in space – which may help delay or offset physical decline associated with age.

Children who participate regularly in swimming learn to work hard, set goals and see success for themselves, which can translate to other areas of their life such as schoolwork and relationships. Plus, they’ll have lots of fun while they do it – something we all can support!

Relaxes the Mind

Kids and adults alike can find great relief through exercise, particularly if they struggle with sleeping soundly. Swimming is an excellent form of physical activity which engages all parts of your body while producing feel-good hormones known as endorphins which release feel-good chemicals while simultaneously decreasing cortisol.

Learning to swim also provides children with a positive relationship to physical activity that will endure over their lives. Not only can their skills be utilized outside the pool, but can be applied to various aquatic activities like diving, kayaking, sailing and water polo to develop strong social ties between participants.

Swimming’s repetitive nature also helps children improve their focus. Studies show that young swimmers possess vocabulary levels 11 months ahead of non-swimmer counterparts and can remember directions 20 times better.

Improves Sleep

Children who regularly participate in swimming lessons tend to find it easier to sleep through the night. Swimming uses both physical activity and energy expenditure that helps swimmers remain energised yet ready to relax when they return home after each lesson or gym class.

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that promotes superior cardiovascular health by strengthening the heart and increasing blood flow to all muscles in the body, including those found in the brain. Swimming also teaches children focus and how to remain calm under pressure, both qualities which come in handy during stressful situations.

From taking their initial plunge, to honing their strokes until perfection is attained, each victory in swimming offers children a sense of pride and accomplishment that cannot be found elsewhere. Swimming helps build self-esteem that can spread into social interactions with friends and family throughout life; its restful effects also play a significant role in better sleep, which is important for overall mental wellbeing.

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