The Nine Ways The Holy Bible is better than all other books He is the Bible:

“… is supernatural in origin, eternal, divine in mastery, infinite in power, inexhaustible in meaning, universal to readers, unique in revelation, personal in practice, and powerful in action.

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  1. Supernatural in origin


The Bible is inspired by God. Donors were direct messengers of God. Bible study transcends human words and wisdom. He is from another world.


  1. Eternity of the period


Genesis (descriptions of creation in chapters 1 and 2) and Revelation (the coming of Christ in Revelation 21 and the establishment of the new heavens and the new earth) are not half of it. The Bible constantly draws attention to another world without time – eternity.


  1. Divine in dominion


God breathed life into man through these living words for a lifetime. Christians believe that the Bible was written by the Spirit of God. In fact, I say this in it: Sometimes I can write the Word of God, almost completely without thinking intentionally, and then only after reviewing what has been written can I receive confirmation that what I have written makes sense, not for me; Without God, those words were out of my mind. The authors of the Bible used pens to cover the way God uses the preacher today. Communication Human communication is very rare. You have to experience it personally if you want to believe.


  1. There is nothing wrong with power


The authors of each part of the Bible are anointed apostles and prophets – people with God’s message. They speak only the words that God has given them. The position of the Bible is its disintegration, which has been accepted for at least two millennia. Only in our time after Christendom will we be weak in such matters. The Bible speaks in the name of God – there is no equal or higher authority.


  1. Inevitably in a sense


It is still amazing how the Holy Spirit illuminates Bible verses, chapters, and pages for new insights — yes, twenty, thirty, forty years later. God’s Word always speaks in new ways, and that is a mystery to us.


  1. Universal among readers


No other text has been translated into more languages ​​than the Bible. More people in more countries have read the Bible than any other literary work. God’s Word is clear to all.


  1. Uniqueness in Revelation


First, the Bible proclaims the incarnation – that God came to earth to live as the man Jesus Christ and die for the sins of mankind. Second, as we read from the Bible, revelation comes to us through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, and the Spirit activates the words of the Bible in our lives through faith. Third, the Bible reveals all parts of God’s plan of redemption so that we can understand the whole picture. All three are unique to Christianity and the Bible find a program.


  1. Personally in the app


The Christian worldview is that there is a connection between religion and spirituality in personal relationships with the risen Lord Jesus. We who believe really know God, and because we can never deviate from God, our Lord does it personally. We can run and hide, but both are in vain. When we face God, we realize that the lessons of life can only be manifested if we act with justice, mercy, love, and humility.

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