The Second Edition of Crypto Trend

We presented Crypto Currency (CC) and addressed several inquiries regarding this emerging market in the first crypto marketing agency. Every day, there is a ton of NEWS in this market. Here are some highlights that show how recent and dynamic this market area is:

The Biggest Futures Exchange in the World Will Launch a Bitcoin Futures Contract

Depending on regulatory approval, CME plans to introduce Bitcoin futures before the end of the year. If it works, investors will have a practical way to buy or sell Bitcoin.

These innovations may make it possible for anyone to invest in the cryptocurrency market without actually owning any CCs or using a CC exchange’s services. By enabling users and intermediaries to protect themselves against foreign exchange risk, bitcoin futures could increase the usefulness of the digital asset. That might encourage businesses that want to accept bitcoin payments but are hesitant to do so due to its unpredictable value to adopt the cryptocurrency. Additionally, institutional investors are accustomed to trading regulated futures, which are not marred by concerns about money laundering.

In an interview with CNBC, Duffy stated, “You can’t ignore the fact that this is becoming into a story that won’t go away.” He claimed that customers have “great pent-up demand” for bitcoin and that “mainstream corporations” are interested in using it. Additionally, according to Duffy, institutional traders could reduce the volatility of the bitcoin market.

Money Using Cryptocurrency for Municipal Revitalization

The Japanese village of Nishiawakura is looking into the possibility of hosting an ICO to earn money for local development. This is an innovative strategy, and they might look for private funding or national government help. Many investors are skeptical that any new coin will have value because several ICOs have had significant issues. This is especially true if the ICO turns out to be yet another joke or fraud. Bitcoin was most definitely no joke.

Ico Offering of Coins

Let’s bring about ICO now as we didn’t in the first issue of Crypto Trend. An ICO can be held by anyone who wants to start a new Blockchain project to generate a new token on their chain, unlike an Initial Public Offering (IPO), which is where a business has an actual product or service for sale and wants you to buy shares in their firm. ICOs are unregulated, and a few have proven to be complete scams. 

However, a legal ICO can raise a sizable sum of money to finance a brand-new Blockchain project and network. An ICO frequently generates a high token price right in the beginning before quickly returning to reality. There have been many because holding an ICO is extremely simple provided you understand the technology and have a few dollars, and as of right now, there are roughly 800 coins active. Except for the very well-known tokens like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, all of these coins have names, they are all forms of digital currency, and they are referred to as “alt-coins.” Due to the significant dangers, crypto branding agency currently advise taking part in ICOs.

As we stated in Issue 1, the market is currently like the “wild west,” so we advise exercising care. Some early adopters and investors in this market have made substantial profits, but many others have lost most or all of their money. Regulations are being considered by governments because they want to be aware of every transaction so they can tax them all. They are all heavily in debt and struggling to make ends meet.


The cryptocurrency market has so far avoided many financial traps and issues faced by governments and traditional banks, and blockchain technology can address a wide range of other issues.

The fact that the creators of Bitcoin decided to limit the total number of coins that can ever be created to 21 million ensures that this digital currency can never be artificially inflated. Governments are free to generate as much fiat currency as they want and artificially inflate their currency to infinity.

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