Top 7 Red Flowers Expect Roses To Express Your Love

There’s no doubt that red is the colour of love; it symbolises passion, excitement, romance and everything fierce that we relate with love and attraction. It is said that the deep colour reflects the intense feelings of the presenter, and these feelings are often expressed with beautiful red roses-the most popular flower.

No one can deny that red roses are indeed extremely beautiful, and of course, the heavenly fragrance is enough to mesmerise anyone and not to mention they are readily available at all local and online florists; that is precisely why most people opt for online flower delivery of roses for their partner.

Though nothing can replace the charm of a rose bouquet, there are so many ravishing red flowers that look absolutely stunning and can melt anyone’s heart. If you are looking for some different types of flowers to surprise your sweetheart with, then you are at the right place, read carefully and take your pick.

Red Lilies

Lilies are one of the most loved flowers in the world, and if you wanna impress your special someone that a charming arrangement of red lilies is the way to go. The fragrance of this wonderful blossom is as pleasing as the looks, and anyone would feel incredibly happy to be on the receiving end.

Red Tulips

Tulips are loved for different reasons; the flower is so popular that it is celebrated throughout the world with huge festivals. The beauty of the flowers increases ten folds when in red colour and a fun fact that most people are unaware of is that red tulip symbolises decades of true love that seldom happens; this symbolisation is related to the fact that tulips themselves bloom once a year that too only for one to two weeks. So if you are in a long term relationship and looking for online flower delivery in Delhi or someplace else, then red tulips are the one to go for.

Red Carnations

Carnations are very popular but to be added to a bouquet with other flowers and I believe that it is unfair to the gorgeous flowers. A bouquet of red carnation would look fantastic, and as it is not something people usually go for, it will be a unique present for the one you love, a combination I am sure you wanna try.

Red Alstroemeria

Now, this particular type can be a little hard to find, but the efforts are worth it if the end result is your loved one’s happiness, right? The astonishing flowers have tiny black dots on slightly faded red petals that make them different from every other flower. These sweet buds are also known by the name of lily of the Incas.

Red Orchids

Orchids have become one of the most loved and cherished flowers; the beautiful buds grow on a single stem and looks like they are arranged in a bouquet naturally by the god almighty himself.

This amazing flower looks even more enchanting in red colour; the petals have a deep red colour on the edges that fade away as you reach the centre, a unique combination where you get to see so many different shades of red in one flower.


You must have seen this flower around a lot, but have you ever thought about gifting it to someone? Not a lot of people have, and that is why this is the perfect gift for your dear love. Gather a bunch of Hibiscus and make a beautiful arrangement yourself.

It may sound a little weird, but this will show your partner how much you care about him or her. Trust me, a little DIY is always appreciated.

A quick pro-tip from my end is that the fragrance of Hibiscus is not that loud; therefore, you can spray your favourite perfume on top of the bouquet and make it smell like you; your partner will surely love that as our senses often relate emotions to familiar things such as smell.

Gerbera Daisy in Red

If you are someone who loves flowers, then you must be aware of the Gerberas. The appealing flower belongs to the daisy family but looks more like a sunflower.

The best feature of a red Gerbera is its brilliant colour, you can never express it in words, but the flower is just the right amount of red, it’s soothing to the eyes and looks terrific with a glittering golden centre; it also looks with almost all types of interior decors and flowers.

So if you know that your sweetheart is someone who enjoys decorating his or her personal adobe with flowers, then you should definitely consider red Gerbera for your next date; you can also throw in some Gerberas of different colours as white to make it look even more elegant.

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