Treatment of hernia with Hernia Repair surgery

Health is the most important part of life. So everyone needs to take care of themselves and avoid any kind of problems that may lead to the deterioration of their health. However, even if a person maintains a very good lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy food intake there are chances that a person may face some problems with time.

However, most of the time these conditions can be treated if the problem is diagnosed at the right and treatment measures are taken immediately. Hernia is one such major problem nowadays that needs the immediate attention of a surgeon so that the condition can be treated. If the condition is diagnosed in the early stage then the treatment can be done easily but if it is neglected it may lead to infection in the nearby areas of the hernia which may make the condition more complicated to treat. Reparación de hernia surgeries are carried out by experienced surgeons to treat the patients.

What is hernia

  • A hernia is a condition in which an organ pushes through the nearby weakened tissue or muscles. Different types of hernias can occur in a person depending on the type of organ that is involved in the condition.

Treatment of hernia

The treatment involves the monitoring of the condition and administration of the medicines that might help in the pain reduction. However, the most effective method for treating hernia is Hernia Repair surgery that treats the condition surgically.  There are three main types of surgeries that are most popular for hernia treatment: open hernia surgery, laparoscopic hernia surgery, robotic hernia surgery.

  • Open Hernia Surgery

In this repair surgery, there is an incision made near the groin area and the surgeon identifies the inflamed area and pushes the organ back to the original position, and strengthens the abdominal walls with stitches and synthetic mesh. The recovery rate is also very fast and the patient is discharged within a few hours of the surgery and recovers within a few weeks after the surgery. However, extensive physical labor is advised to avoid.

  • Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

In this surgery, there is no need for a large incision in the abdominal area. Here a laparoscope is used which is a thin, telescope-like structure that is used to navigate inside the abdominal area. For this, the patient is given general anesthesia before the procedure is carried out. The best part of this procedure is that the patient feels no pain. The laparoscopy is attached to a video camera that helps the doctor to see the internal area in the screen easily. The abdomen is inflated with a harmless gas and then the incision is made where the tissues are weak and mesh is stitched to make the area strong. The incision is then closed. The recovery rate is very fast.

  • Robotic Hernia Surgery

This surgery is almost similar to laparoscopic surgery, the only difference is that the surgeon does not operate on the patient on hand but is seated at a console in the operating room from where the surgeon operates the surgical instruments from the console. The use of robotics provides an excellent three-dimensional view of the internal area of the abdomen which makes it easy for the surgeon to carry out the surgery more easily. Another reason that they are better than the other two methods is that they leave only tiny marks on the body rather than a large incision scar.

Hence these are some of the surgical methods that can be used by the surgeons to treat the condition of any type of hernia the patient is suffering from.

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