Tshirt Embroidery and Printing

A lot of businesses will choose screen printing when they are looking into customization and options for It comes with very attractive low costs especially when you buy in bulk and once company shirt printing. The print is set up with its screens, the turnaround on printing the order is fast. When you have a larger image with fewer colors screen printing makes sense. But for certain logos or lettering, another option can work better and that is embroidery also you can look Free machine embroidery designs to get more ideas.

More about embroidery

You can embroider any shirt for any business or event. When everything that makes you stand out in a positive way counts, this is important to keep in mind. You can have an employee’s name stand out, have a title or particular design for that worker.

Corporate shirt embroidery brings with it a certain level of professionalism, it is a more detailed option and while it does cost more, it could reflect better on you as a business for choosing to go with something of quality rather than going with something cheap. Something under 4 inches is the standard approach but what you choose is up to you.

Three things to consider

  • What style of shirt to use – Try to choose a style that suits your business and that will look good for all your employees. Something that will age well for company shirt printing and people can wear whatever their gender, age or size. Remember to consider having different colour options too if that suits the purpose of the shirt.
  • What fabric to use – The kind of fabric you use affects the logo that can be embroidered in. You want something that is either 100% polyester, a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton or 100% cotton. Each has its own benefits. Polyester is the easiest to look after, it does not wrinkle and is low maintenance. It is also good in hotter temperatures as the sweat does not swell the fibres as happens with cotton, causing that type to get very wet with that moisture.
  • What embroidery options to think about – With corporate shirt embroidery, you also need to think about the embroidery itself. Whatever fabric you choose a logo around an inch high and under 4 inches wide will look good. Anything larger might not look good on polyester because it is a less dense fabric. Rather than placing the embroidered logo directly onto the shirt, the printer will place a tear-away or cutaway piece of fabric in that position as a base for the logo. It helps to lessen the problem of puckering.


When you are considering using printing or embroidery or both together for your corporate tshirts keep in mind you could also use that design on other items, jackets, long sleeves and short, jerseys and more! Think about how to make your logo stand out. A lot of companies choose to put it on the left chest area so maybe you might put it on the right, or as well place something on the back.

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