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Ways To Repurpose an Old Laptop

Planning to upgrade your laptop to a newer, faster one? This is amazing but have you thought about what you are going to do about your old laptop? You should not just throw your old laptops away. There are plenty of reasons to not throw away your old laptops and reuse them. If you delete any file you can recover deleted files easily with apps.

About 50 million tons of e-waste is generated every year which means that it counts up to throwing 1000 laptops every single second. You still have an old laptop lying around. You should do your part and try to reduce e-waste. Instead of throwing it away, you can just reuse it by turning it into a gaming server or something more advanced like a storage system. Explained below are a few ideas to reuse an old laptop instead of throwing it away in the dump.

Convert It into a Network Attached Storage System

Network-attached storage or as people like to call it in the tech market (NAS) system is a way to store data and share files with all computers connected to your home (or business) network. These systems prove out to be very helpful if you need additional data storage or several people on your network to access certain files. In order to do this, you need to set up an application on the laptop.

FreeNAS is such a program that will allow you to create a centralized and easily accessible place for your data. With the help of it, you can save all your data by finding a server interface on the laptop screen repair. Here you can set your password and username in order to connect with other devices and this is all you can save data. If you forget the password of your winrar password you can check the zip password cracker. This system is only compatible with at least 8GB RAM and a 64-bit chip properly

Use It as a Digital Photo Frame

In order to turn an old laptop into a digital photo frame, you will have to disassemble it almost completely. You will have to remove any extra parts and also the plastic casing to fit the laptop circuitry into a shadow box. This will take time and you might also need some help in order to set it as a digital photo frame but it will prove to be very helpful. Once you have built the digital photo frame you can use various programs in order to display a slideshow of your favorite photos. You can also use software that is easy to install and helps you in a better and more effective way.

Convert It into a Gaming Server

Converting a laptop to a gaming server is also very helpful. in order to do that you will have to connect to a server that is managed by a game manufacturer. It proves to be very helpful when you are playing multiplayer games online. With your own dedicated gaming server, you and your friends can easily play your favorite game on your laptop screen the way you want. This is more effectively unstable than connecting to a potentially faulty server from a game developer.

Use It as an External Monitor

Another great way to repurpose your old laptop is to use it as an external monitor. You can either connect the device with it and use it as an external monitor by operating it with remote controls or you can also connect it with the help of a wire and use it as a series of screens in a workplace where more than one person is working on software.

You can also use the option of sharing a mouse and connecting your screen to another screen. by doing this you will be able to use both screens as one and your mouse will move in both the screens.

If you are willing to buy new software you can also use your screen with an air display. This app will let you control the other devices remotely and you can use it with Windows, Mac, and even iOS and Android devices.

Concluding, these are some of the effective ways to repurpose an old laptop. So don’t just throw your laptop in the dump and reuse it wisely.

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