Western hats elevate the fashion sense in men to another level

Looking at old photos, predominantly black and white, we can easily see men wearing hats of different types. This popularity can be associated with the fact that the item perfectly matched the style of the male audience at the time. It was always sophisticated and formal. Contrary to what one might imagine, the accessory goes very well with different styles, including casual.

  • Panama hat

Did you know that the Panama hat comes from Ecuador? This well-known model is made of straw and is very light, thin, and comfortable. You can wear it with bathing suits, but it also goes well with light suits and flowery dresses, a recommended model to wear at beach events.

  • Fedora Hat

Fedora hat for men can be used on occasions such as an outdoor lunch or even a meeting with friends. This model is very similar to the Panama hat, but the brim is a little wider and has an urban style. The cool thing is that it has several colors to match your looks, like black, blue, or brown.

  • Cloche hat

The cloche hat is a very romantic one that appeared in 1920 in the United States. Thicker fabric, such as crochet, is used to make this hat; it can even serve to warm your head in winter.

  • Angler hat

The angler hat is light and great to be used at the beach or pool or to do sports such as trails and hiking! His look is very relaxed, so it goes a lot with more casual clothes, do you know? It is also straightforward to clean, as it can be washed typically with mild soap and water!

  • Cowboy hat

Look, this hat is well structured, so it has a very hard brim and top. It is usually made of wool and is widely used by those who practice horseback riding or work in the field because it is very resistant and stays firm on the head, so it does not escape during gallops!

  • Floppy hat

The floppy hat is the softer one, which can be made from either straw or fabric. It has enormous flaps, ideal for protecting your face and even your lap from the sun. They are very light and do not heat your head; they are comfortable even on the hottest days, see?

Starting to wear the hat

Many men are afraid to include the hat in their look because they imagine that the accessory will attract too much attention. The tip, in this case, is to start with a simpler model and give preference to neutral and sober colors, such as black and beige, which effortlessly combine with other colors.

Also, when buying your first hat, think about which clothes you want to match and on which occasions the accessory can give that special touch to the look. The good news is that the item is so versatile that it can be combined with different pieces.

However, in order not to choose a model that does not fit the clothes you own, assess the pieces and colors present in your wardrobe before going shopping. Moreover, remember to try several hats before settling on the ideal one.

Hat and casual style match

You may be wondering: does a hat match casual styles? Is it possible to include it in everyday life without running the risk of ruining the whole look? The answer to both questions is simple: yes!

If your style is casual and you do not give up comfort in everyday life, the hat is a great accessory to compliment your look. So forget the image of men in suits and ties and focus on the vision of jeans, polo shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, sandals, boots, etc. The rule here is to test the most different models and colors with the clothes you wear daily.

Creating a hat collection

After the first hat, as long as you choose the suitable model and fall in love with the item, the tendency is for many more to come. After all, you will get used to wearing it and, who knows, start even missing it when the item is not part of the look.

More than creating a collection of different models, it is very likely that you will make the hat an indispensable accessory. The best thing is that, besides collecting different hats, you will also be creating the most beautiful and varied looks.

In the end

The hat is an accessory worn on the head that protects the face from the sun! It has several formats that help make it look very stylish and still match other occasions, ranging from the beach to a wedding in the countryside! Nevertheless, it goes much further than that.

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