Lower Back Pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain in Females?

Back pain is one of the common pain in women, especially lower back pain, and women are considered the most affected groups due to the continuous physiological changes that they are exposed to in their body, such as the menstrual cycle and repeated pregnancy, as it is one of the most common causes that cause back pain, and the rate of injury reaches when Females, on average, eight out of ten women experience this pain.

What Are the Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women?

Causes of Lower Back Pain for Women

The menstrual cycle (menstruation): Menstruation is usually accompanied by various pains in the woman’s body, in addition to her mood swings and bad psychological state due to the secretion of the hormone estrogen, which affects and causes these symptoms.

As it also results in pain in the breasts, pelvis, backbones, and vertebrae, and often These symptoms are temporary and end with the end of menstruation.

  • Cervical ulcers: Low back pain is a symptom of a cervical ulcer.
  • Infections of the uterus or genital tract: These infections cause pain in the lower back.
  • Slipped disc: This condition is usually the result of wrong behaviors and improper movements that the woman makes while doing housework or lifting heavy loads, which causes slipped disc, which results in back pain.

What Are the Causes of Pain When Pregnant?

  • During pregnancy, the secretion of certain hormones increases in the body, which affects the tissues and ligaments around the pelvis and causes them to weaken.
  • One of the pregnant women’s well-known habit since ancient times is to walk in a way that makes the pregnant’s back curved inward, and this method increases lower back pain.
  • Fetal growth, especially in advanced stages of pregnancy, increases the pressure of the fetus on the vertebrae in the lower back, which results in pain due to severe and increased pressure on it, and also as a result of the weight that is concentrated in certain areas.
  • The pregnant woman’s weight increased significantly over normal.
  • Some women suffer from lower back pain throughout pregnancy, and after several months.

Prevention of Lower Back Pain

To avoid relaxing the tissues and ligaments of the pelvis and back, daily exercises should be practiced that focus on the pelvic area, and one of the best and best exercises or sports is walking, and these exercises help to reduce obesity and reduce weight gain during pregnancy, which leads to pain in the lower back.

In addition to following the right things in a woman’s movements in her daily practices, and it is preferable to wear comfortable shoes for women in general, regardless of whether she is pregnant or not, in addition to maintaining the intake of calcium-rich foods to strengthen and develop bones and avoid their fragility and pain. Greater amounts of calcium in this period.

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