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What Do I Plant in My Home Garden?

The home garden is an outlet for the house and a place for entertainment as well. In it, family gatherings abound, especially if it is large and there are places for meetings and some decorative trees and roses, so all of the above increases the beauty and pleasure of the garden. The home garden needs special care, and it also needs attention to preserve Its beauty, and most people care about ornamental trees and roses and forget that they can grow some trees and some leafy vegetables that do not require effort.

In my article, I will show some trees that can be grown in the garden of the house if space is available, and some leafy vegetables whose products are self-sufficient for the family and with less effort and fewer costs, in addition to that, planting vegetables in the home garden has a different taste than the vegetables that are sold in the markets that are subject to operations Great fertilization to produce crops in less time.


Some trees that can be grown at home:

  • The grape tree: The grape tree is planted at the beginning by taking a small stem that contains a node from a large grape tree during pruning. It is placed in a container of water for a period ranging from five days and is planted with the earth and dug the ground around it in a circular manner and irrigate until it is knotted and leafy begin to grow, some Grapevine trees grow in the form of small shrubs, others prefer to be on a lawn that facilitates their growth and extension, as they give a wonderful view when the leaves grow and the grapes are formed, and they give an abundant place with shade and the sessions under the arbor are one of the most beautiful and best summer sessions, grape trees need a large space In a way, it also needs pruning and workshops with certain types of insecticides that prevent the reproduction of aphids, and it needs to grease the stems and branches with winter oil to continue its yield and its product, and the leaves can also be used for making stuffing and grape harvesting as a type of fruit and in some peoples grape harvest is used before Ripen it to make types of vinegar.
  • Lemon tree: It is considered one of the most beautiful and best trees that can be planted in the garden of the house, as there is nothing more wonderful than the smell of lemon blossom in the home garden at the time of flowering and summer, and it is possible to use a small amount of fertilizer called (urea) to activate its production or use animal fertilizer known as a natural fertilizer.
  • Olive trees: It gives beauty to the garden with its evergreen leaves over the seasons, and it does not require much care. It also provides shade. Olives can be used either compressed or squeezed to produce pure olive oil.
  • Apple trees: Of these two types are the small summer apple and the apple that is produced once a year. The apple tree needs to trim the branches and spray with certain types of pesticides and oil that work to protect it and increase its efficiency.
  • Fig trees: It is one of the perennial trees that needs a large area in the garden of the house, and it needs irrigation.

Most of the trees mentioned above need a fairly large area and certain coordination to give the garden an attractive and beautiful view and to take advantage of it.

As for leafy vegetables, they are many and many, including watercress, green onions, parsley, dill, and green mint. Green tea can also be grown if the seasoning is provided from it, and spinach, lettuce, and pulses are all leafy vegetables that can be grown in basins that increase the beauty of the garden and can be used, and the majority of leafy vegetables are planted by plowing. Land or turn the soil over and sprinkle the seeds and water them until they grow. Certain types of manure can be added to activate their growth.

Pumpkin can also be grown and it needs a small shrub so that its stems extend easily and when it grows, it gives the garden a wonderful view and planting it in the home garden keeps insects, pests and flies away.

It is necessary to mention aromatic herbs such as thyme, sage, and rosemary, which can be easily grown in the garden of the house by planting small seedlings of any kind and irrigating them, which are enough to grow and extend their roots into the soil quickly, leaving a beautiful aromatic scent and a wonderful sight and a herb that possesses many benefits.

As for roses and flowers, various types can be planted, such as jasmine, cologne, or fragrant, Gori roses and many others …, all of which work to perfume the surrounding atmosphere with the most beautiful and best aromatic scents and give a wonderful view, and there are decorative trees that are planted in certain basins in the home garden and are trimmed In wonderful artistic ways and means, and one of the most beautiful and best trees that are cultivated at home is the wonderful willow tree, which is distinguished by its branches and drooping leaves.

Taking care of the home garden is part of caring for the home as it provides a psychological calm and a beautiful comfortable place.

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