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What is overseas insurance, and How to Get it?

If you travel outside of the USA and intend to drive in another country, did you know that you need overseas insurance? But what is it about? How does it work? We will tell you everything in this new article.

What is overseas insurance?

Overseas insurance is an International Insurance Certificate that is required to circulate in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, and United Kingdom and that certifies that a vehicle and its driver are insured with vehicle liability insurance in the event of an accident, which guarantees health care in the event of an accident.

Any person with Car Insurance in any country that is part of the system has Overseas insurance by default.

What does overseas insurance protect you against?

Suppose you have an accident in one of the countries affiliated with the overseas insurance system in which you were at fault. In that case, the insurance will guarantee the coverage of Compulsory Civil Liability; that is, the victims of the accident caused by you will be compensated according to what is indicated by the Civil Responsibility law of the country in which you are located.

The protection you will have for any other damage or event that happens to you at the time you drive outside of the USA will depend on the coverage you have in your car insurance.

Difference between overseas insurance and International Certificate

In most countries (all those of the European Union plus Great Britain, Andorra, Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland, including Liechtenstein), it is not necessary to physically carry the so-called overseas insurance since each car insurance policy issued in a state USA member covers the minimum required by law.

As of 2021, Overseas insurance ceases to be green color and is only called the International Insurance Certificate. The main difference is this: it will no longer be mandatory to print it on green paper, but white is already valid. However, it will not have to be printed either; it can be carried in pdf format to be sent by email comfortably or printed in black and white in A4 size if desired.

It is a further step towards the use of digital documents and not physical ones. However, as there are certain countries in which it is mandatory to present this document if the vehicle is used on their roads, from now on, there is the advantage that you no longer have to carry the physical copy. Still, it will be valid in digital format.

How to apply for the International Certificate of Insurance?

To have overseas insurance in your possession, you can request it from the insurer where you have contracted the car insurance, and they will send it by email. If you need to print it, it is unnecessary to do it on green paper.

The usual thing is that the insurer provides this document, although it is important to know that they are not obliged to do so. What is important to consider is that, from the date of issue, its maximum duration will be one year. After that time, if you need to continue driving through one of those countries in which it is mandatory to present this document, you must take out new car insurance in that country.

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A large number of people in recent years, probably in part due to the aid that the government has been granting for the purchase of vehicles as well as the tax advantages that have been presented, have been increasingly interested in the acquisition of this type of means of transport that on the other hand is the most common within USA country.

For all this, insurers have had to emphasize launching new specialized options on the market precisely for that class of customers who buy their first car. Therefore, ways aimed at guaranteeing them the most incredible comfort and speed possible in this type of procedure so that in the shortest possible time, they can find everything they need in the simplest way possible.

As you probably have little experience with car insurance issues and driving, it’s recommended you read this post with all the doubts clients have raised over time.

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Monthly Payment

Although you have to know that among all types of payment, the monthly payment is the least usual due to the risk, it entails for insurers. And also, for the driver, the monthly price is higher than if he contracted the car insurance annually; even so, with an online comparator, you will be able to find the best price to compare and contrast your car insurance with a monthly payment.

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