What Makes Your Car Battery Draining?

Your car battery is one of the main driving forces of your car. Every electrical component of your car directly is dependent on the proper working of your car battery. There are more than a few reasons that cause your car battery to drain out and leave it high and dry. If your car battery has drained out, it is suggested you go to a car service station and get it inspected for possible reasons.

If you want to get your car battery replaced, it advised you go for an auto service station that provides the best car service in Perth, as the battery is one of the key components of your vehicle, and you must ensure that you are being provided with a new and authentic product.

Reasons Why Your Car Battery Is Draining

    1. You Left The Lights On

Leaving the car headlights and cabin lights on is the common reason which attributes to draining out of a car battery. Many modern vehicles alarm you if the headlights are on or switch them off after a certain amount of time. But, if your car misses that feature, your car battery will keep draining until you address the issue.

    2. Loose Battery Connections

The positive and negative terminals connected to your car battery might get loose or corroded with time. It might happen that you face trouble starting your vehicle because the battery is unable to transmit the power. The corrosion can be prevented by regular cleaning of the terminals of the battery.

    3. The Battery Is Not Charging While Driving

Now, the headlights are off, and there is no problem with the battery terminals, and still, your car battery is draining out. It may be a sign that the battery is not charging properly while you drive the car.

A car battery is charged with the help of an alternator. If the alternator belt is loose or faulty, the battery won’t charge and eventually drain out. It would be best to hire a mechanic specialized in car battery service and get everything inspected in such a case.

    4. Frequent Short Drives

Starting a car engine takes a lot of power from the car battery, and the battery revives its power from the alternator while driving. It needs some time to do that. So, short drives prevent the car battery from charging fully, so it drains out faster. Thus to keep your battery from running out so quickly and use it to its optimum, frequent short trips must be avoided.

    5. Too Hot Or Too Cold Outside

Scorching summers and chilling winter months have a negative impact on your car battery. New batteries have more capability to endure the extremes of temperatures, but as they get older, their power to survive intense heat or cold diminishes. Go get your battery diagnosed in auto care stations and check if your battery needs a replacement.

    6. Little Things Also Add To The Draining

While your car is on the go, you need not worry about the radio or the cabin lights being on, as the battery is being simultaneously charged by the alternator. But, when your vehicle is off, interior lights, door lights, and bad relays contribute to draining out the battery.

To keep your battery from running out, make sure to turn off all the lights, and the trunk, glove box, and doors are properly latched before you leave.

    7. Rust

Rust is a factor you cannot avoid; it is inevitable. It often causes the car battery’s connections to corrode over time. So, it will lead to improper charging of the battery and lead to its discharge before time. So, it is suggested to get the battery connectors replaced from time to time because cleaning them won’t remove the rust.

    8. Your Battery Needs Replacement


A car battery usually lasts for three to four years. So, if your car battery has survived that tenure, then it is time for you to replace it with a new one. Recharging the battery won’t solve the issue, and it will keep discharging. Factors like extreme temperatures, rust, frequent short drives, and the way you drive your car – all have some effects on your car battery life.

It is better to contact auto repair stations and also check on the web for a car battery replacement cost and then get it done.


The above factors cause your car’s battery to drain out and eventually reduce its lifespan. There are also some measures you can take which will prevent premature “death” of your car battery. It includes a change in driving habits, switching off the headlights and cabin lights when the vehicle is off, and also preventing frequent short trips.

If your battery has survived its lifespan and needs replacement, you can get it done from an established company that provides services of car repair in Perth. Car Service Perth would be the best option in this regard. 


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