What Things You Should Inspect Before Applying For A Student Visa 500?

Australia is highly popular as a student-friendly country, and many Australian visas allow holders to study for a definite period. For example, if you want to enrol in a short course that lasts only 12 weeks, you can do it with your Australian visitor visa. Having a Working Holiday Visa will allow you to study for 16 weeks. But if you want to study longer, you must apply for the Student Visa 500. Every year, thousands of student visa applications are submitted, but the Department of Home Affairs rejects a large number of those applications. That is why you must keep in mind the following points discussed here before you go with your application.


Make sure you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) is a document that every student visa applicant must obtain before making the Student Visa Subclass 500 application. For that, you must first get yourself enrolled in an Australian institute or a university. Once the university authority accepts your application, they will send you an acceptance or offer letter. You have to accept their offer in writing and complete the payment, and only then can you obtain your CoE. If you plan to attend multiple study programs, one CoE for each program will be required.


You have to open an account with the Department of Home Affairs

Nowadays, people usually apply online. To make an online application, you have to first open an account on the Department of Home Affairs website. 

You will first need to submit your name, email address, and phone number. Once these details are submitted, you will need to create a password and accept conditions.


Make sure that you have scanned all your paper documents

To make a complete application, you must submit documents according to the Student Visa 500 checklist. The checklist will include:


  • Your Confirmation of Enrolment
  • A student health insurance cover, specifically Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of temporary stay

Proof of temporary stay is a vital requirement for any temporary Australian visa. It is also called the genuine temporary entrant requirement. You will need to provide a written statement to clarify that you will stay in Australia temporarily and have no plans to settle down with the student visa subclass 500. You can attach a letter from your school in your country of residence or valid employment proof as supportive documents.

Depending on your location and the university you will study at, you may be required to submit additional documents, which include the following.

  • Additional identity documents like your birth certificate
  • Evidence that you can cover your costs during your stay in Australia
  • Documents related to previous qualifications
  • English language test result
  • Documents related to previous jobs, which should include payslips, employment contracts, etc.

For detailed information, we recommend checking the Document Checklist Tool available on the Department of Home Affairs website. There, you will need to provide the name of your home country and the institute that you have chosen to view the checklist.

As you will apply online, you will be required to upload all the documents in a digital format. So, it will be better to scan all the documents before making the application. In addition, you must also remember that all the documents should be in English. If they are not, you must get them translated by a certified translator.


Complete the visa application online

Visa applications are much easier now as you can apply online. Make sure you have plenty of time in your hand before your course starts. Usually, experts recommend starting the application at least 124 days before your study program begins (as specified by your Confirmation of Enrolment). A key benefit of an online application is that you can come back to it later and submit missing documents.

On the first page, you have to give your CoE code(s) and your nationality. In addition, you must also select your education sector, e.g. ELICOS, if you are enrolling in a language course. If you choose to complete a university degree, your education sector should be Higher Education.

After all the enrolment details are submitted, you will be required to submit family details, personal details, submit health and character details, and answer questions regarding your work experience and previous education. 


You may take professional help from a registered migration agent

Registered migration agents of Australia are highly popular for the services they offer to their clients. If you hire a registered migration agent from Perth, they will guide you through the entire student visa 500 application process, thus making sure that your application is complete. Remember that if you hire such a professional, you will need to submit a filled-in Form 956 along with your application.


You have to receive your TRN number by completing the payment

After submitting all the documents, you have to pay the application fee, which is AUD575 right now. In an online application, you will have the facility to pay the application fee online using a credit or debit card.

Completing the payment will help you get a Transaction Reference Number (TRN), which you can use to check your application status.


Make sure that you have taken necessary health checkups

Depending on the country you are coming from, you may need to go through necessary health checkups. The Department will inform you about it once you submit a complete application.

Health checkups will be required if you are asked to. Doctors having valid approval by the Immigration Department of Australia can only conduct these checkups. Health requirements are one of the most vital Student Visa 500 requirements and must not be neglected.


You have to wait for your visa outcome

The processing time of your visa application will depend on your location and the volume of applications submitted at a given period. Once the decision is made, the Department of Home Affairs will notify you via email. If your visa application is accepted, your email will include the visa grant date, visa expiry date, and specific conditions attached to the visa. In the case of rejection, the authority will tell you the reasons and clarify whether you can appeal the decision.


Travel to Australia after obtaining your visa

Once you receive your Australian visa, you can enter Australia 90 days before your course starts. If your accommodation is not arranged, you should inform the authority of your Australian residence address within 7 days of your arrival.

Usually, a student can stay in Australia for 30 to 60 days if the course covers more than 10 months. You will find these dates and deadlines on your visa. You must also remember that you have to remain compliant with the visa subclass 500 conditions. 


Australian migration laws can change anytime

As an Australian visa applicant, you must also note that the Australian Government can change the application procedure without any prior notice. For applicants from different countries, requirements may be different. So, you must read the instructions carefully before applying. Having an immigration agent from Perth can come in handy in such situations occur.


Where To Find Help?

For contact details of Migration Agent Perth, you may either check the website of the Migration Agents Registration Authority or get in touch with a migration consultancy. Before you hire, make sure they are registered.


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