Where to publish 360 videos

If you edit your 360 video for 2D export, you can simply upload it to the web like any other video. However, if you are uploading a 360 video to make it truly VR, you will need to add 360 metadata to your video and ensure that the uploaded platform can handle it. The two best social media platforms for publishing 360° videos are YouTube and Facebook.


We will now walk you through the basics of publishing 360 videos to Facebook. Once you have finished editing and editing your 360 video, you can open your Facebook timeline. If you have not already added 360 metadata, you will need to add it to your file before uploading to Facebook. Create a post, select Photo/Video, then select the 360 video you want to upload. A step-by-step guide to posting 360 videos to Facebook can be found on the Facebook blog here.

Facebook has also added a feature that allows anyone to take a 360° photo on their page. To do this, simply download the Facebook mobile app on your phone and join your news feed. In the feed, update your status and tap “360 photo”. This will open the camera and a small panoramic photo that you can fill in by pointing the camera at the scene in front of you. Sure, 360 photos may be less epic than 360 videos, but they’re a great starting point for experimentation!


Uploading a 360 video to YouTube is a relatively simple process. Once you have finished editing your 360 video, you will need to insert metadata that is compatible with your 360 video. Once you have inserted the metadata into the video file, you can upload the 360 video just like any other video. For more information, watch this basic video on how to upload a 360 video to YouTube. YouTube is a great place for 360 degree videos as it has a huge audience.

360 degree videos in a nutshell

Don’t be intimidated by 360-degree videos, these tools are getting easier to use and the process is becoming simpler. 360-degree videos are a fun experiment, but make sure you use them with intention. Just because you can make a 360-degree video is not reason enough. Some things look even better in traditional 2D video. We hope you enjoyed this article, go ahead and start making 360 degree videos!

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